7 Best places to visit in Vietnam

7 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

From sandy beaches, wild jungles, tempting street food, Vietnam is a place where Asian culture fuses with Parisian chic. Besides star turns, this place has numerous exotic destinations to explore. So, here are the 7 best places to visit in Vietnam that will surely win your heart!

Da Lat in Vietnam, misty mountains
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7 – Ha Long Bay

With a group of limestone rocks outcropping in aqua-green water rising from the water, it’s one of those places that you must have fantasized about in your dreams. Situated around 130km East of Hanoi in Northern Vietnam, it features more than 2,000 jungle laid islands. The sinkholes, intriguing caves, lakes, and grottoes make this a prominent destination in Vietnam.

Best places to Visit in Vietnam - Halon bay
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6 – Hanoi

Hanoi is the booming capital of Vietnam, with the Old Quarter situated in the centre. This place houses an open-air museum of historic French and Asian colonial architecture that has remained intact, despite intense bombings during the Vietnam War. You can browse crowded markets, visit prominent destinations, such as the Grand Opera House, Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, and the Presidential Palace.

Sunset in Hanoi, Vietnam
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5 – Hoi An

Another fascinating place in Vietnam is Hoi An situated off the coast of South China Sea. It is an old yet beautiful city belonging to the Champa Kingdom for around 2,000 years. The Old Town is situated in the heart of the city, which can be explored in a short period of time on foot. The winding, narrow lanes of the Old Town are planned with conventional wooden houses, exquisite old architectures, and numerous customized shops selling shoes, bags, clothing, and other goods.

Hoi An - best places to visit in Vietnam
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4 – Hue

Located on the Perfume River’s banks in Central Vietnam, Hue was once an imperial capital of the Nguyen dynasty. Presently, the locals of this former splendid period are showcased in the architecture, cuisine, and culture of the city. With Citadel being one of the most famous monuments in this place, it is a sprawling complex of grand palaces, walls, ornate temples, and gates. The Thein Mu Pagoda is another ancient landmark of this place.

Hue, fishing boat in lake at sunset, Vietnam
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3 – Sapa

Encompassed by pictorial mountains, the range of hill tribes, and rice terraces in the remote North West region of Vietnam, it is a serene town frequently used as the base point for trekking in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains. It is a home to numerous traditional villages and rice paddies. There are lots of tours organized from the villages, which offer views of exquisite waterfalls and the possibilities to experience culture, foods and the lifestyle of local tribes.

Rice padi, Sapa VIetnam
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2 – NhaTrang

Situated in one of the most beautiful bays of Asia, in the coast of South Central Vietnam, NhaTrang is a famous seaside city resort. The scenic beaches, picturesque mountains, and lush islands make it a popular tourist destination. This place is filled with palm trees, hotel resorts, and beautiful promenade forests. NhaTrang beach is the main beach which is a great place to check out. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, water sports, water parks and amusement places, this place offers fun and excitement for everyone from wave pools to roller coasters.

Naha Trang - best places to visit in Vietnam
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1 – Mekong Delta

If you want to experience the colorful and bright floating markets, rice paddies, fruit orchards, bird sanctuaries, and quaint villages, the Mekong Delta is a perfect place to visit in the South Western region of Vietnam. The place is also known as Vietnam’s rice basket and is a famous agricultural spot in Vietnam. It is a fertile place for maze canals and streams fed with the Mekong River. Extending to the Ho Chi Minh from the Gulf of Thailand, this place feeds more than a 3rd of the country from rich orchards, plantations, paddies, and rice.

floating-market, Mekong Delta
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Vietnam is a splendid place to visit, if you are inspired by these top places to visit in Vietnam, check out the world class Vietnam travel & tours to find a deal within your budget and pack your bags to explore the beauty and charm of Vietnam this holiday season!

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