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Hi, we are Round The World Magazine!
Two global travelers bringing you our authentic travel experiences from around the world as honestly and informative as possible. We live, breathe and work to travel and we want to inspire others to do the same. We are building our travel blog into an online travel magazine and we’re hoping to collect experiences from other travellers along the way.

Our bucket list can probably not be completed in our life time but we are sure as hell trying!

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We aim to build a hub with our online magazine, full of useful information, guides, tips and stories for our like-minded visitors.

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From corporate IT to backpacking nomads

After endless pins to ‘Bucket List’ boards and lots of research, we finally decided to leave it all behind in 2015 and have since visited 26 countries together. We took a one way flight to Iceland, ended up in Sydney, and never looked back.

The conventional life of a steady job, a mortgage, car finance and expensive clothing never appealed to us, so we took a year out to figure out if life on the road was really for us. And it was. Now we settle for travel blogging and casual work to survive, swapping suits and boots for headbands and flip-flops.

We’re lucky to have found one another (we’ve been together for 7 years) sharing the same passions and outlook on life.

Who are we?
We are Katie and Nicola, two girls from the UK, age 33 and 30. We are lovers, engaged in 2015, and vegan since 2016.

Round the World Magazine

Enjoying the San Francisco Gay Pride celebrations

We live for adventure, off the beaten path experiences and being thrown right into the heart of culture. We love attending festivals, gay pride celebrations and all things vegan.

Born in Manchester, United Kingdom, age 33, creative writer and a passion for animal and environmental welfare.

Katie Round the World Magazine

Riding in Reno, Nevada

Interests beside travelling: Gym, writing fiction novels, hiking, camping, photography
Favorite experience: Wilderness camping in Yellowstone eating s’mores in th middle of nowhere.
The Hollywood Sign Hike.
Favorite country:Tough, but I have to say Greenland because it is so beautiful and isolated (and I LOVE snow!).
Scariest moment:Almost drowning during a tubing excursion in Semuc Champey, Guatemala.
Top travel tip:Sleeping in airports if arriving at a destination late and sleeping on night buses to save on accommodation.
Bucket List dream:Polar bear snowmobile safari in Svalbard, Norway underneath the Northern Lights.

Hartlepool, UK born and bred, Age 30, a globe-trotter and a band hopper.

Nicola - Round The World Magazine

A camping adventure in Yellowstone National Park

Interests: Drumming (in bands), all genres of music, gym, music production, videography.
Favorite experience: Dog Sledding in the Arctic Circle in -42 degrees and eating iceberg soup and the Hollywood Sign Hike.
Favorite country: USA – Personal highlights:
(The South) – Nashville and New Orleans – Experiencing the great food and unbelievable music quality.
(The West Coast) – A Road Trip to Sequoia National Forest, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Zion, The Grand Canyon and Joshua Tree National Parks.
(The East) – NYC, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston.
(The rest) – Chicago and Florida.

Scariest moment(s): 1) Nearly drowning tubing in the river at Semuc Champey, Guatemala.
2) Sleeping in the car in a gas station in the middle of nowhere near the Grand Canyon and being woken up by a girl knocking on the car window at 3am to ask for directions.
Top travel tip: Don’t plan too much, just book a one-way flight, have an idea of where you would like to visit and the rest of your adventure will follow.
Bucket List dream: A wildlife safari in Africa. I have always wanted to be up close to a giraffe and zebra.

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