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A team of two newly engaged girls, we pride ourselves on bringing detailed and informative blogs to Round The World Magazine, with blogs also on the LGBTQ and Vegan lifestyle.
We believe in attention to detail, beautiful imagery and growing our community.

We are Katie and Nicola, co-founders of our online travel blog, Round The World Magazine.

Our life stories

Katie Marshall
I was born in Manchester England, late 1983. From the beginning, I had travel in my blood, my Dad traveled the world when he was 17 and my mum and dad have collectively visited 30 countries together. I was raised in Manchester my whole life before moving to ‘Geordie land’ Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2004 where I attended University. I studied BSc in Computing and ended up working for major corporations. One company asked me to live in Gibraltar for a couple of months while creating their first ever digitized map for the Government. My time in Gibraltar was a major turning point for the wanderlust that lay dormant in my veins, and living in another country gave me perspective of the world that was out there and the beauty that sat only a couple of hours away on an airplane.
My life changed when I met Nicola during my last year of University in 2010, just as she was about to leave for work at Camp America in New York. I met up with her in New York City after her stint as a tennis coach which was our first holiday together. There was no turning back after this trip, we came home, saved up and embarked on a round the world trip for the first time in 2015 and Round The World Magazine was born.

Other than travelling, my passions are writing (mostly fiction novels and screenplays), veganism, animal welfare and the LGBTQ community.

Nicola Rowbotham
Born in Hartlepool, England in 1987. I mostly traveled Europe until I reached the age of 23 when I first went to Camp America in upstate New York to work as a tennis coach. I spent 3 months in the United States and had my first ever experience in a hostel in New York City. I visited Washington DC, Miami and Boston in the same trip and this is where my life changed forever.
After coming home, I couldn’t get that trip out of my head. All of the experiences with the kids, wildlife in the valleys of New York State and seeing the glorious beaches of Miami. I knew I had to travel more and I knew Katie would be up for it too.
We took holidays to Thailand, Dubai and the West Coast of America, but this wasn’t enough for us. We still had to go home, and back to working in our 9 to 5 lives.

I love all genres of music and I’m a professional drummer. I have my own Instagram account @roundtheworlddrummer to showcase my work.

The Corporate Life

Somehow, we both ended up working for the same global IT consultancy firm, together, in the same office, on the same team doing the same work. We spent 7 years working as IT Analysts and though our jobs took us to Mumbai, London and Glasgow, we soon realized we were never going to live the life we dreamed of by working in an office.

After months of research, overtime and saving, we asked for a Leave of Absence, and after a few months of consideration and finalizing the details, it was approved. We set off in February 2015 and visited 26 countries in 14 months.

A New Life

We started our first round the world adventure in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Katie had her first ever experience of staying in a hostel. Reykjavik is very important to us as it gave us the freedom we had desperately searched for, it felt good booking a one way flight here. We visited Greenland from Iceland, which set the standards high for our full round the world trip. We experienced new cultures, isolation and most importantly, newer versions of ourselves.
After a few month on the road, we were able to be expressive and creative, we stated to write songs, and novels as well as travel blogs, and we found ourselves having open minded discussions on things that were important to us. The oppression from our routine lives back home had disappeared and we were able to discover ourselves and grow our relationship further.
Travelling really helps you figure out who you are and what you actually like to do. It’s like being a kid again, free from worry and the pressures of the real world. We met so many like minded people on the road who ran away from the 9 to 5 and we consider them to be some of the best friends we’d ever hope to meet.

Round The World Magazine is born

We used to be ‘Tip Our Trip’ and we tried to maintain a blog under this name for a long time while we traveled. It wasn’t successful, and we decided to can it a year after signing up for web hosting. We learned many valuable lessons during the struggle of our first ever travel blog which have been transferable to Round The World Magazine. The blog is just over a year old and we have invested a lot of time on the content, SEO and building up our community. Our traffic has grown dramatically over the last 6 month thanks to help from other bloggers such as Neil Patel. We are always looking for guest posts, so get in touch if you’d like to be featured.

A Changed Life

Around half way into travelling the world, we felt real freedom for the first time since we were children. We used to love playing outside as kids, climbing trees, coming home for food and doing things that we enjoyed the most. We felt this again as we traveled. We found ourselves saying “I want to write a book, I’m going to sit right now and write a novel” and “I would love to drum in a band, I’m going to look at postings in New Orleans“. And we did.
We grew by deciding to do what we love. And we’re still doing it today.
It was a bad food experience in Hong Kong and Japan that opened our eyes to food and how it has affected our bodies for many years. We were ill at the end of our trip and it was all down to a meat noodle dish that we ate.
Katie has been ill 5 times from eating meat and dairy while abroad, Nicola has a stronger stomach but always felt tired and sluggish.
We used travelling as an opportunity to try new things, and we transitioned to Vegetarianism when we got to Sydney. Sydney is an amazing place for herbivores! It wasn’t long until we turned completely vegan.
It’s been 16 months and we can honestly say being vegan has changed our lives forever. We have so much energy, are leaner and stronger and our conscience is clear.

A Simple Life

Travelling the world changed us in so many ways. The journey opened our minds, we stopped watching TV and reading mainstream media and we detached ourselves from materialistic objects.
We have no furniture, branded clothing or unnecessary possessions, we simply own what we need. We spend our money on travel and nothing else. This is what makes us happy and this is the life we have chosen.
We don’t iron clothes anymore, we realized this was pointless to us as we lived out of a backpack for so long. We pack light (10kg for a world trip) and will probably never pay for a checked bag again!
The small things that we have changed help us live a better life and allows us to focus on doing only what we love.


When we are not travelling, we are working to save to travel. We save every penny we earn and spend months researching our next trip. We are thrilled that Round The World Magazine is doing so well and we hope to build a site dedicated to like-minded visitors.
We blog often and we are accepting guests posts from others that bring useful high-quality information for our readers.

The Future of Round The World Magazine

We hope to experience every corner of the world. We live for culture and travel experiences that ultimately make us better people. We’re up for anything and everything as long as it stands by our values and our main aim is to inspire others to travel the world. At Round The World Magazine, we also want to educate the world on the struggles of the LGBTQ community and veganism, our new niche that we are really learning a lot from.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to collaborate, please use the Advertising┬ápage to contact us.

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