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What are the best apps for traveling?

Our best apps for traveling

Leaving your home with little information or just a small piece of a guidebook wouldn’t be enough these days. Why worry when you have your smartphone as your best companion? Leave all your worries at home! Install some of the best apps for traveling on your smartphone, and add more fun to your traveling adventure.

Here are a few apps that we use when traveling. All apps are IOS and Android compatible.

Hotel Tonight

What if your flight gets delayed and you have nowhere to stay? What if something happens with your booking? Don’t worry, you can rely on this last-minute-app for your bookings.
Hotel tonight best apps for travel
Book a room with Hotel Tonight’s partnered hotels in less than 10 seconds. If something gets crooked, you can enjoy a 24/7 customer service from their team. Go ahead and install this fantastic app to keep yourself prepared.

Google Maps- King of Navigation Apps

Of course the ever reliable Google is one of the best apps for travel. Install this magic app and get instant directions to any place in the world in seconds.
Google maps, best apps for traveling
You can also get information about public transportation and traffic in many countries. The Internet is not an issue for this app! Download specific areas of your choice and use them offline when needed.

Maps.ME (Maps With Me)

Maps.ME helped us navigate all over the world completely free. Geographical areas can be pre-downloaded before a trip and they take minimal space up on your device.
Maps me maps with me, best travel apps
The app includes walking and driving routes as well as audio commentary.


A complete checklist of travel items that are all prepared for you. How great is that? PackPoint asks for the dates and locations of your trip and checks the weather forecast. It also prompts you to select some activities you’ll be doing on your trip and provides a list of items to be packed, based on these activities and weather.
PackPoint best apps for traveling
You can also delete items if you think they are not important for your trip. Get your list instantly and you can share it with your friends if needed.


An old favorite on most best apps for travelling lists. Skyscanner’s exclusive ‘Select Everywhere’ and ‘Anytime’ flight feature allows travelers to find the cheapest flights along their trip.
skyscanner app - everywhere feature best apps for traveling
If you’re a flexible traveler, you can find the next cheapest destination easy while the app compares hundreds of flight providers in real time. You can also see what dates of the month are the cheapest.
Skyscanner also compares accommodation and car rental.

XE Currency Converter

This app is an excellent choice to always have by your side on your smartphone. It updates itself frequently at intervals and provides live exchange rates for precious metals and world currency.
xecurrency best apps for traveling
Once stored in this app, you can even access recent rates when offline.


When traveling to different places, the only way of interacting with people is by knowing their language.
Memrise best apps for traveling
Memrise is one of the best apps for traveling because it offers language translations and courses with an offline mode also available for learning on the go.
Download this travel app and have a strong hold on many languages.


Found a flight cheaper with a stop over? Go one step further with Skiplagged and search for ‘hidden city’ one-way tickets that allow you to get off the plane instead of continuing on to the destination on your ticket.
Skiplagged - best apps for traveling
Skiplagged’s clever algorithm gives you the option to enjoy your stop over and tickets are often cheaper than a nonstop fare.


Get this app and live like a local at any place. Yelp provides you with hands-on information about the best bars, things to do, places to visit in a city, eateries and theaters with real reviews.
Yelp - best apps for traveling
Install this app, so you never have to waste your time and money again.

Happy Cow

If you’re a traveling vegan or vegetarian then you already know the struggles of finding somewhere to eat.
Happy Cow - best apps for traveling
Even if you want to avoid meat and dairy in countries where you’ve had food poisoning before, if you want to steer clear of animal based produce, Happy Cow has an extensive global list of vegan and vegetarian eateries.


Having trouble traveling from one place to another? Not a problem anymore! Get the Rideways app and book a car and a driver to help you.
Rideways - best apps for traveling

From airport transfers to long distance rides, with Rideways, all you need to do is select your journey, your date of travel and the type of car you want.


One of the best apps for traveling to book accommodation. Roomer lists massive discounts on hotel rooms from people who have had to cancel their trips. You can save up to 80 percent!
Roomer app - best apps for traveling

Roomer also gives you the option to sell your non-refundable room if you need to cancel it.


Whether you’re traveling alone or travelling in a group and wanting to meet others, SoloTraveller is a useful app that will connect like minded people who are hitting the road.
Solo Traveller app - best apps for travel
Plan trips, meals and transport with other travelers and share costs and experiences.

Final Thoughts

Your enjoyment level depends upon the kind of preparation that you do for a trip. So, pack your bag with all the necessary things, wear your most comfortable boots, and install our best traveling apps to have a fun-filled adventure with no worries.

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