Best Gay Web Series

A List of the Best Gay Web Series

Though there is an ever-growing presence of gay men in mainstream television, there’s still an enormous gap just waiting to be filled. Filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to fill the missing man-on-man love by creating their own web series.

Web series are considered by many to be a recent phenomenon that is filling video hosting websites with low-budget entertainment. In actual fact, one of the first web series, The Spot, was released in 1995!

With the growing expansion of social media and internet streaming technology and the capabilities of modern filmmaking equipment improving at every release, filmmakers are grabbing their niche, writing scripts and creating valuable entertainment for the LGBTQ+ community. Here’s a list of 42 of the best gay web series we could find. Enjoy!

G & T

G & T is a gay Italian web series that tells the story of Giulio and Tommaso, friends since childhood who find that their relationship goes beyond a simple friendship.

g&t best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

G&T English subs are available as well as Spanish, French, Russian, German, Romanian, Turkish, Chinese, Serbian, Portuguese and non-Udenti Italian.

26 episodes averaging 22mins, 2 seasons made so far.

Follow the G&T Facebook page for regular updates.

Watch for free on YouTube.

Love at First Night

love at first night best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Love at First Night is brought to us by Slay TV. The web series follows Jayden & Spencer and how they met. They fall in love after a hook up but Jayden has a secret that could change everything.

Watch Season 1 on YouTube for free.

My Best Gay Friends

My Best Gay Friends (Vietnamese: Bộ ba đĩ thõa, roughly translated as The Bitchy Trio) is considered to be the first gay web series sitcom in Vietnam. It has garnered a large following, receiving about two million views per episode despite being made on a shoestring budget.

My Best Gay Friends, Vietnamese gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

It is the brainchild of openly gay film student Huỳnh Nguyễn Đăng Khoa, who directed, wrote, produced, and starred in the series. The series centers on the lives of three young gay housemates who share an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.

Watch for free on YouTube (turn Subtitles on if you need to!)


Husbands is a sitcom about a famous baseball player named Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon) and a flamboyant actor named Cheeks (Brad Bell) and their adaptation to married life after a drunken Vegas wedding, to celebrate the Marriage Equality law that was passed in America.

Husbands, best gay web series
Image Credit: Tubefilter

Watch Episode 1 for free on YouTube.


CONQ is a fun and insightful web series about the lives and friendship of Lukas and Timo, two polar opposites, as they go through the various aspects and colors of their adventurous lives.

Conq gay web series
Image Credit: Viddsee

Watch Episode 1 on Viddsee


Breathe looks at the life of Trey Love, a local Charlotte, NC celebrity.

breathe best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Immediately, you feel the suffocation, as he’s being rushed into make up, casting calls, photoshoots etc. In episode one, we’re introduced to most of the key roles in Season one and what his night life looks like.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube here.

Street Behavior

The daily life of inner-city LGBT 20-30 years old.

Street Behavior, gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Hoping to get rid of stereotypes as well as helping young gay youth to know that they are not alone in their identity struggle.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo.

Romil and Jugal

Punjabi playboy Romil and shy Tam-Brahm Jugal are the new Romeo and Juliet. But what happens when their fighting families and orthodox society find out?

romil and jugal best gay web series
Image Credit: IMDB

A funky twist on the greatest love story of all time, this young and never-seen-before rom-com version is filled with masti, masala, emotion, laughter, songs, and drama that is guaranteed to leave you hooked for more!

Watch episode 1 on YouTube here.

The Outs

The Outs is a gay web series that is set in Brooklyn, New York.

The Outs, best gay web series, new york
Image Credit: Paper Mag

The series tells the story of Mitchell (played by Adam Goldman), his best friend Oona (Sasha Winters), and his ex-boyfriend Jack (Hunter Canning) and how they navigate gay life in New York.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Not Looking

Four delusional gay men are Not Looking for love or success in the City of Angels. Will they find it to spite themselves?

Not Looking, gay web series
Image Credit: Alternate Sexuality

Watch the Season 1 trailer on YouTube.

Watch Episode 1 on Funny or Die.

Derek and Cameron

Derek and Cameron are not your typical gay couple. For starters, in his 26 years on the planet Derek has never been with a man sexually, thought about men sexually, or fantasized about them in any way sexually or romantically; although now he finds himself ensconced and in love with one.

Derek and Cameron, best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Cameron, on the other hand, is an avid athlete, former high school and college jock, outgoing, politically active, outspoken gay man who has been out to everyone around him, proudly, since he was 15. Cameron’s biggest political statement is he can’t imagine why any gay man would demonstrate anything as low in self-esteem as chasing after str8 men until he himself finds himself in love with one

Watch on YouTube.

No Shade

No Shade is a fun LGBT theme dramedy web series based in NYC which follows the life of Noel Baptiste (David Brandyn), a gay artist from Brooklyn, NY who finally comes to grips with his sexuality and is now comfortable in his own skin.

no shade best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

During his self discovery his 3 crazy friends, Bar manager Eric D. Stone (Terry Torro), Dance teacher Kori Jacobs (Donnie DuRight) and transgender-female make-up artist Danielle Williams (Tamara M. Williams) accompany him on his journey for love, success and evolution.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube here.

The Horizon

The Horizon is one of the most popular gay web series in the world. It’s the most watched online series made out of Australia and the plot focuses on the lives and loves of Sydney’s gay/queer & alternative community.

The Horizon, best gay web series
Image Credit: Celebmix

Jake (Paul Layton) moves to Sydney to be with a guy he met on Manhunt and ends up with a broken heart and a drag queen roommate. The show is currently 7 seasons in and shows no signs of stopping!

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube for free.

Queer Kid Stuff

Queer Kid Stuff imagines a kinder and more equal future through highly-accessible education and entertainment for kids aged 3+.

Queer Kid Stuff, best gay web series
Image Credit: Curve Mag

Queer Kid Stuff is an LGBTQ+ educational web series for children ages 3+ hosted by a tie-wearing queer lady, Lindsay, and her non-binary best-stuffed friend, Teddy. Gender Studies 101 meets Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood!

Watch their full YouTube channel here.

Drama Queenz

Jeremiah Jones (Dane Joseph) is an actor and proud resident of Queens, New York. When Jeremiah gets an unnerving phone call, his morning seems to turn into a confusing and panicked haze. Once Jeremiah gets a move on it, literally, we are introduced to the second roommate Davis Roberts (Kristen-Alexzander Griffith) who is so close to his Broadway dream that he can taste it.

Drama Queenz, best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Unfortunately, for our boys, those Broadway dreams are going to have to wait. Enter the third roommate, Preston Mills III (Troy Valjean Rucker) who offers some overdo food therapy. Little does Preston know his dreams are just as ill-fated as his roommates, it looks like Preston should have saved a cookie or six, for himself! Watch how these three best friends deal with life, love and pursuing their dreams in the city.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.


Meet Remy, Gavin, and David living in Atlanta finding balance in their lives.

scales best gay web series season 1
Image Credit: YouTube

Remy has been single for quite some time, but an unexpected run in, could potentially change his fate

Watch the Pilot on YouTube here.

Love Sick The Series

Love Sick: The Series (Thai: รักวุ่น วัยรุ่นแสบ), is a 2014 Thai LGBT drama directed by Andy and starring Kongyingyong Chonlathorn, Phumphothingam Nawat, Luangsodsai Anupart, Chindavanich Primrose, Charnmanoon Pannin and Paisarnkulwong Vachiravit.

Love Sick best gay web series
Image Credit: Kchatjjigae

It was filmed primarily in Thailand and SUBS are available.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

All About Section 377

Section 377 of the penal code in 42 former British colonies criminalizes all “unnatural” sexual acts including anal sex between men and other homosexual acts.

all about section 377 best gay web series
Image Credit: IMDB

‘All About Section 377’ is a fictional show in which a straight guy lives with two gay guys, and is aimed at educating the masses on the struggles of the LGBT community in India.

Watch episode 1 on YouTube.

Steam Room Stories

A hit comedic gay web series that features lots of hot, sexy guys and no-holds-barred humor.

Steam room stories gay web series
Image Credit: Dekkoo

Grab a towel and join the fun!

Watch Volume 1 on YouTube.

Awful Gays

AWFUL GAYS is a new gay web series comedy that follows the lives of an awful gay couple, Maurice, and Kenny, in Dublin. What they lack in chemistry and common interests, they make up for in shared awfulness.

Awful Gays, best gay web series
Image Credit: Twitter

Join them as they bop around Dublin and interact/argue with a host of less awful gays and straights.

Watch Promo video on Vimeo.

Where the Bears Are

Where the Bears Are is a comedy-mystery gay web series created, written by and starring Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook.

Where the Bears are, best gay web series
Image Credit: Cub Club Blog

The producers described ‘Where the Bears are’ as a cross between The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote. The story centralizes on Nelson (Zook), Wood (Dietl) and Reggie (Copp), three gay bear friends who share a house in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood. During each season, they are drawn into a different murder investigation that plays out as a season-long story arc.

Watch on YouTube free.

Paragon School for Girls

Paragon School for Girls has been helping gifted young ladies manifest their potential since 1889. Upon her arrival at the school, Violet begins a strange journey into a whole new world. Each girl learns that she has the latent ability to become something quite extraordinary. It is a place of mysteries, secrets, and dangers. And when girls begin disappearing, the students must join together and figure out how to save themselves and discover what Paragon is really all about.

Paragon School for Girls, gay web series LGBT
Image Credit: YouTube

The story is told using unconventional methods. Shot all on green screen, the actors are placed inside dollhouses, miniature models and painted backdrops. Everything is false, from the scaled down props to the gender of the actors playing the women and girls.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Two Jasperjohns

A popular gay web series about nine semi-sane brothers from Ohio living in New York whose last names are Jasperjohns. And two of them live together.

Two Jasperjohns, best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Two Jasperjohns was created by Vinny Lopez, who is a Senior Writer/Director of Promos at VH1 and lives in Brooklyn.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

First Person

Welcome to First Person! First Person is an exploration of gender identity and sexuality, and a weekly forum for covering LGBTQ-related news and issues. With messages of tolerance and acceptance, the show aims to humanize issues that are so often underrepresented in the media or presented as political, moral or religious issues, detached from the people who are living them on a day-to-day basis.

First Person, best gay web series
Image Credit: Glaad

First Person is produced by WNET, America’s flagship PBS station, parent company of THIRTEEN and WLIW21 and operator of NJTV. Mic and its channels, Slay and The Movement, are official media partners for season 2 of First Person.

Watch the Series Trailer on YouTube.


BAIT is a gay web series that explores the new dating realities—and dangers—of trying to find love in the age of social media and dating applications where we often know the intimate details of a person’s life, including their body parts, sexual preferences and habits, long before we know their name.

Bait, gay web series
Image credit: The LGBT Update

This thrilling project centers on BAIT, a new mobile dating application that tells the user exactly how close they are in proximity to another user who also has a profile on the site.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Make It Right (Thai: รักออกเดิน; rtgs: Rak Ok Doen)

Make it Right is a 2016 Thai boys’ love romantic comedy series aired on MCOT HD and Line TV. The series is based on the novel of the same name.

Make it right, gay web series from Thailand
Image Credit: Queer Fundanshi
The first season contains a total of 12 episodes with an average span of 45 minutes each. The story revolves around young boys’ budding relationships and how they deal with their feelings within themselves and in front of the judging society.

Watch on Daily Motion (with ENG SUBS) for free.

My Sister Is So Gay

Frances’ (Loni Anderson) gay son Seth (played by Terry Ray), is invaded by his uptight, homophobic sister, Amanda (Wendy Michaels) after she catches her husband with her best friend, Katherine. It just seems she’s way more upset about Katherine cheating on her than her husband.

My Sister is So Gay, gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

It’s not adding up for Seth, especially when Amanda acts all loopy around his lesbian co-worker, Becca (Debra Wilson). Is his right-winger, homophobic sister gay? And Amanda can’t figure out why Seth’s way younger and very handsome boyfriend is interested in Seth. He seems to have too many secrets. Is he married?

Watch the Trailer on Tellofilms.


#Adulting follows best friends Max and Faye as they stare down the barrel of 30. It’s a slice of life: saddled with student debt, degrees no longer matter, too many options, looking for purpose.

#Adulting, best gay web series
Image Credit: Instinct Magazine

As a generation. Max and Faye bounce from job to job and from poor decision to poor decision, with only each other to rely on.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

The Hinterlands

Meet Paul. He’s 16. He’s into theoretical physics. He lives in the middle of nowhere. And he’s gay. Being a scrawny, queer science nerd practically makes him a bully magnet.

The Hinterlands, best gay web series
Image Credit: Series Mania

And as the harassment piles up, Paul contemplates taking his own life. In THE HINTERLANDS, a six-part musical miniseries, Paul struggles to keep his head above water as he confronts intolerance, his sexuality and the rocky path of adolescence.

Watch Season 1 on YouTube now.

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

A wonderous story of the complexities of relationships, friendly and romantic in the life of Caleb Gallo.

the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo, gay web series
Image Credit: The Daily Dot

Blurring the lines of expected troupes through random comedy and a realistic, interconnected interaction, this gay web series is not to be missed.

My Gay Roommate

My Gay Roommate is a comedy about two college roommates, one gay, one straight, and their journey into adulthood to become the homo-hetero power couple of the ages.

My Gay Roommate, best gay web series
Image Credit: Facebook

Check the My Gay Roommate’s Facebook Page.

Watch on YouTube.

Whoa, Dude

Comedian and Big Gay Sketch Show costar Jonny McGovern is putting a super gay twist on shows like The Soup and Tosh.O with his brand new web series, Whoa, Dude!

Whoa Dude, gay web series
Image Credit: I See Gay People

McGovern hosts the 16 episode series bringing together the funniest intentionally and unintentionally homoerotic clips made by your favorite local frat boys, skaters, military men, jocks and naughty queens from across the internet that make you say “Whoa, Dude!”

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Bulk – The Series

BULK – The Series is an exciting, raw, sexy dramatic gay web series exploring the Bear Community in New York City.

Bulk the series - best gay web series
Image credit: YouTube

Follow their Facebook Page.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

But, She’s My Best Friend

‘But She’s My Best Friend’ is a gay comedy series written and created by Gabriel Joseph about 2 gay best friends, Christian and Joey, and their lives living in West Hollywood.

But she's my best friend west hollywood web series
Image Credit: Twitter

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Spin The Bottle

This Comedy TV SERIES revolves around six friends who give each other TIPS on love, relationships and sex, all while TIPSY.

Image Credit: Televisual

Named a top 10 web series of 2014 – silly, sweet, sexy fun!

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Hunting Season

Hunting Season is an American LGBT-themed comedy-drama web series created by Jon Marcus.

Hunting Season, best gay web series
Image Credit: Gays of Daytime

Following the romantic and sexual exploits of Alex (Ben Baur) and his small group of friends in New York City, the story was inspired by and largely based on the 2005–08 blog The Great Cock Hunt and the 2008 novel of the same name published by Kensington Books.

Watch Episode 1 on Vimeo for free.

Old Dogs & New Tricks

Old Dogs & New Tricks is a web series created by Leon Acord, and starring Acord, Curt Bonnem, David Pevsner and Jeffrey Patrick Olson.

Old Dogs and New Tricks, gay web series
Image Credit: PRWeb

The comedy-drama series is about four middle-aged gay men living in “youth-obsessed West Hollywood”.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Danny the Manny

Danny is a struggling actor in Hollywood who pays the bills by looking after a six-year-old named Quinn.

Danny the Manny, best gay web series
Image Credit: NewNowNext

One afternoon Danny discovers that Quinn likes to dress up in his mother’s clothing, and now he has to figure out if Quinn is part of the LGBT community or his cross-dressing is just a phase.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.


Two co-dependent friends – one gay, one str8 – re-invent double-dating by creating a shared online dating profile in the web series, Besties. Created by Kevin DeBacker & Eric Brown.

Besties, gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.


Since working as an adult film star and escort since his early twenties, Ryan Crosby, aka Rod Driver, has had a pretty easy life when you think about it. But what happens when you hit forty and the clients aren’t calling as much as they used to and doing porn has, well… lost its appeal.

Hustling, best gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Suddenly you begin to see things a bit clearer and you begin to ask yourself questions. What am I doing with my life? Is there something else I can do? What am I passionate about? You realize that you need to make a change. But how do you move forward from the life you no longer want?

Watch on YouTube.

In The Moment

Meet the residents of “The Moment” apartments as they address the myriad decisions faced by sexually active gay guys in LA.

In the moment, gay web series
Image Credit: YouTube

Shawn finds Edgar on the front lawn after a night of partying, Adam, the new guy from Minnesota gets attention and Mike and Stephen have unprotected sex for the first troubling response.

Watch on YouTube.

Twenty Five

TWENTY FIVE is a comedic web series created by New York-based writer Josh Duboff. It’s about three high school best friends who are reunited in New York City two years out of college. Beryl, an aspiring actress, has been dating a slightly doltish fratbro for about a year and is starting to feel restless.

Twenty Five, best gay web series
Image Credit: Kickstarter

Jimmy’s doing the bloggin’ thing, scouring OKCupid, drinking a whole lot of wine… waiting for a “path” to become clear to him. And wide-eyed/idealistic Taylor, the third member of their trio, has just arrived to join them in the city after two years working for Teach for America in Missouri.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.


Chicago is the home to a new web series, Dudes. Created and written by Andrew Pemberton-Fowler, Dudes is a wry, comedic story centered around three gay friends who are all on the wrong side of thirty – and they know it.

Dudes gay web series
Image Credit: Out and About Nashville

This smart, witty, and slightly randy comedy has been compared to Sex and the City and Ugly Betty.

Watch on YouTube.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted

We meet Danny Carter, who works at LA’s hottest club: Club PantherWarmth. With his 30th birthday fast approaching he suddenly finds himself jobless.

Go Go Boy Uninterrupted, best gay web series
Image Credit: The Out Guide

At least he has a lot of skills to fall back on. Oh wait…

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Chico’s Angels

Chico’s Angels is a live comedy production in Los Angeles which parodies the 1976–1981 television series Charlie’s Angels. Starring three drag queens in the title roles, the show has been performed regularly at the Cavern Club Theatre in Silver Lake since July 25, 2003.

Image Credit: Televisual

It was co-created by Oscar Quintero, who performs as one of the leads, and Kurt Koehler, who also directs the show.

Watch the official trailer on Vimeo.


Gaycation (also known as Gaycation with Ellen Page) is a 2016 American television documentary series hosted by Ellen Page and Ian Daniel.

Ellen Page Gaycation, best gay web series
Image Credit: Wet Paint

The series premiered on 2 March 2016 on Viceland as part of its new programming launch. The series explores LGBTQ cultures around the world, as Page and Daniel meet different people during their travels and hear their stories.

Watch the Japan Episode on Daily Motion.

Whatever This Is

‘Whatever this is’ follows Sam (Hunter Canning) and Ari (Dylan Marron), two production assistants in New York, as well as Sam’s girlfriend Lisa (Madeline Wise), a teacher without pay for the summer.

whatever-this-is gay web series
Image Credit: Indie Wire

Sam and Ari are scraping by working low paying video production gigs focused on a variety of fame seekers. A chance encounter puts Lisa on the road to a possible summer job, but she’s not sure where it could lead – or if she’s really qualified.

Watch Episode 1 on YouTube.

Camp Abercorn

Camp Abercorn is an American web series originally slated to release in September 2014 that focuses on being a member of the Boy Scouts of America and also being gay.

Camp Abercorn, best gay web series
Image Credit: Gray Oak Productions

Using the fictional scouting organization called the Compass Guides of America, Camp Abercorn brings attention to the BSA’s position on homosexuality and “the real situations young men face while away from home for an entire summer.

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

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Best Gay Web Series, a list of the best gay web series

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