12 Reasons To Book A Trip To Norway Today

12 Reasons To Book A Trip To Norway Today

Thinking about booking a trip to Norway any time soon? Look no further.
We collaborated with G Adventures to come up with this mighty list of 12 reasons why you should book your trip to Norway today!

Norway is home to dramatic fjords, midnight sun, colourful coastal towns, friendly people, skiing, untamed islands, and the opportunity to see the world famous Northern Lights.

Sounds like a dream, right? This Scandinavian country is a place of wonder, magic and mystery, but by no means is meant only for your dreams. Use these reasons as motivation to visit Norway today.

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1. The magic and isolation of the fjords

If you were to do nothing else in Norway but explore the UNESCO-protected fjords, you’d still have an amazing trip. The fjords are the symbol of Norway and time stands still in this wonderland of waterways.

There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway, but among the most iconic are Nærøyfjord, Sognefjord, the Lysefjord and the Geirangerfjord. Resembling still blue lakes but consisting of saltwater, they dance spectacularly through the mountains and glaciers, often turning into giant waterfalls. Sail from one fjord to another, or follow them back to the sea. Wherever you go, you’ll feel like you’re in a secluded paradise.

2. The mystery of the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a part of Norwegian life, at least between September and March that is. In fact, Norwegian’s claim the country is the best place to see the colourful lights. A source of art, mythology and legend, the phenomenon highlights just how beautiful science can be.

3. The untouched countryside of the Valley of the Waterfalls

Oddalen is a beautiful piece of untouched countryside that’s also known as the Valley of the Waterfalls. Waterfalls are lined up like pearls on a string within a radius of only a few kilometres. The hiking here is fantastic and as you make your way to the king of all waterfalls, Låtefoss, you’ll pass Tjørnadalsfoss, Strandfoss, Vidfoss and Espelandsfoss, all spectacular in their own right.

4. The clear blue ice of Buer Glacier

Buer Glacier is the arm of the Folgefonna Glacier and is where you’ll find clear blue ice in all kinds of shapes, as well as spectacular crevasses. To get there you’ll need to hike through the wild, green and beautiful valley, but the hour and a half hike is well worth it. If you’re up for an adventure, why not try ice climbing up one of the crevasses?

5. The breathtaking Trolltunga

Trolltunga is one of the most spectacular cliff sites in Norway, if not the world. Situated 1,100 meters above sea level and hovering 700 meters above Ringedalsvatnet lake, the view will take your breath away. It’s a long and demanding hike to get there, but your effort will pay off enormously. Bear in mind that you can’t trek there in Winter.

6. The photos that will catch everyone’s attention

If you’re an Instagram fan or a budding photographer, you’re in for a treat in Norway. Boasting a staggering amount of breathtaking photo opportunities, you’ll take some of the best selfies of your life. Grab a picture at Pulpit Rock, perch yourself on Trolltunga, or get creative with Kjeragbolten, an iconic boulder caught between two cliffs.

7. The mighty route of the Dovre Railway

Running between Oslo and Trondheim, through the beautiful Gudbrandsdalen Valley and across the mighty Dovrefjell mountain range, the Dovre Railway is a must do when in Norway. Hop out and explore the beautiful locations on route or simply sit back and enjoy the views.

8. The charming and resilient village of Bakklandet

Bakklandet is a charming village full of wooden houses, cobblestone streets, cafes and beautiful backyards. Established in the mid 1600’s, Bakklandet has been burnt to the ground not once but twice, but each time came back more beautiful. The best way to explore the village is by bike.

9. The midnight concerts at the Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral is an extremely popular concert venue and each year there are more than 500 concerts held here. Performers rage from famous artists to choirs, but it’s the Midnight Sun concerts that draw in the crowds. Kicking off at 11pm, you’ll listen to Norwegian folk tunes and classical music with a combination of solo vocals, piano, trumpet, cello and organ.

10. The amazing slopes of Hemsedal

During the winter months, Norway is ideal for both downhill and cross-country skiing. With alpine run after alpine run and world-class ski resorts, there’s a tonne of wintery fun to be had. Hemsedal is one of the best ski locations, followed closely by Hafjell.

11. The intricately designed churches

Norway is home to a number of intricately-designed churches made entirely from wood. Representative of the woodworking industry that’s long been a part of Norwegian culture and history, they are dotted all over the country and a great sight to see. Heddal Stave Church is the biggest and was constructed in the 13th century.

12. The majestic animals that will still your beating heart

Directly north of the Norwegian mainland lies the Svalbard Archipelago, a collection of islands offering guided searches for polar bears. These incredible, majestic creatures are a must-see, but never alone. Remember they are wild and dangerous animals and the only way to see them is with a guide.

Norway Geirganger Fjords Expedition Ship Aerial Landscape
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Need another reason?

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Reasons tho book a trip to norway

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