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We hope you’ve been enjoying our round the world trip as much as we have. We’re on a mission to become better people, to meet wonderful lifelong friends on the road and to find the best travel spots in the world. We share our budget travel tips with you, our readers, for free and maintaining Round The World Magazine is tough work.

We have no ebooks on the market, we list everything on our site, and we spend as little as possible every single day in an effort to keep our travels going for longer and to minimize our impact on the environment. We live on a very tight budget.

We really appreciate the kind words of support that you’ve given us over the past three years, it’s so nice to hear that we inspire you and that our content has helped you in so many ways.

People ask us a lot how they can help us out. We suggested a small donation to buy us a coffee, or a healthy breakfast, a bus ticket, or even a delicious vegan meal for dinner. Every single penny or cent counts towards our journey.

Whether it’s a Dollar, a Pound, or a Euro, you can donate whatever you like to keep Round The World Magazine live, the travel tips flowing, and two girls fed and watered. Every amount donated is incredibly appreciated.

All you need to do is click this button to make a donation via PayPal, the amount is completely up to you.

Katie and Nicola want to thank the following people so far for their kind donations

Thanks to Liam Riddel from SR5 Digital, your donation got us a vegan Butcher’s Burger from The Butcher’s Daughter in Venice, California

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