Aug 10, 2017
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Vegan Eats: Fala Bar, Los Angeles

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Review of Fala Bar, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the mecca for vegan people from all over the world and Fala Bar is a godsend for vegans on a budget. Not only are there award winning plant-based restaurants, there is also regular pop up eateries, vegan dessert stores and fast food joints offering healthy alternatives to animal-based food vendors.

Fala Bar vegan food Los Angeles, California

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Fala bar falls into the latter category, imagine a counter offering enormous portions of vegan fast food with no chemicals, no preservatives and no GMOs. We stopped by Fala Bar in the Spring to sample their menu and we were certainly not disappointed.

Founded in 2014 by non-vegan owners, Fala Bar works hard to produce fine-casual vegan food made with organic or local produce. Fala Bar aims to squash the stereotypes associated with vegan food to bring tasty dishes to customers over the counter. No artificial flavors, soy or processed ingredients are used within their menu and Fala Bar pride themselves on their quirky slogans, #FarmToFala and #NoFakeShit.

The Shop

Fala Bar has two locations, one in West Hollywood on Melrose and now in Venice on Abbot Kinney.

The shop reminds us of a super healthy vegan Subway. There is a section offering healthy drinks including green tea and kombucha, and a food counter similar to Subway where you are able to point out the vegetables, sauces and salad you wish to add to your meal of choice.
Fala bar salad counter, vegan Los Angeles
There are labelled pictures on the wall of the delicious menu offerings, which is convenient to help customers decide on what to order.
Fala bar inside, vegan los angeles
Signs relating to vegan food ingredients are scattered around the store reminding customers of the health benefits of the ingredients used in their menu.
Shop signs, Fala Bar, vegan Los Angeles
Fun facts on veganism are also displayed, just in case you didn’t know about them already.
Vegan signs in Fala Bar Los Angeles
The shop has a clean feel and the use of a green theme really represents the healthy culinary offerings.
Fala Bar counter, Vegan Los Angeles

The ‘No Fake Shit’ slogan is displayed on the walls and on the staff’s clothing, they really do take organic food seriously.
Fala Bar’s shops have limited seated as they work on the basis of takeaway and online ordering.

The Fala Bar Menu

Everything on the menu is vegan. All of the drinks are vegan, so no need to worry about cross-contamination or misunderstandings when ordering. Fala Bar offers fresh Burgers, Salads, Bowls, Snacks, Sandwiches, Plates, Tacos, Burritos, and Sides. Most main dishes contain one of the flavored falafels such as Sweet Potato, Spicy, Crunchy, and Kale.
Fala bar menu, vegan los angeles
Sauces and dressings are customizable over the counter when your order is cooked.
All beans and grains used in the menu are sprouted for better nutrient absorption and digestion. Everything on the menu is gluten-free except for pitas and buns, and they can be substituted for a cabbage leaf.
Fried items are cooked in grapeseed oil, which can handle a higher smoke point without turning rancid or into a trans fat.
Fala Bar also offer vegan event catering.
The full menu has been curated by holistic nutrition coach, Gina Ragnone.

What we ate

We ordered the Burrito and a Southwest Burger for our main dishes. We weren’t expecting the portion size to be as enormous as it was, we had to save half for later. Seriously, Fala Bar are very generous with their food distribution.
vegan burrito at Fala Bar, los angeles
The Southwest Burger ($8) was fulfilling with crunchy vibrant textures and flavors and the burger was served upright for ease of eating. The burger consists of a crunchy falafel patty, onions, dill pickle, BBQ sauce and purple cabbage held together by a soft burger bun.
Southwest Burger and sweet potato fries, Fala Bar, Los Angeles
The fat Burrito was packed to the brim with Spanish quinoa, black beans, a delicious crunchy taco mix, avocado, salsa, onion, cilantro and lime juice. This is easily enough for two people to share.
Vegan burrito, Fala Bar, Los Angeles
There’s something about Fala Bar’s Sweetie Fala Fries ($4), they tasted light and crisp and delicately fragrant. We put it down to the grapeseed oil, something we’ve never knowingly tried before. One portion of these sweet potato fries is more than enough for two people.
Sweet potato fries from Fala Bar, los angeles
The Sweety Fala Fries are sprinkled with big chunks of fresh sea salt and parsley adding to the flavor.
Sweet potato fries, Fala Bar vegan Los Angeles

Be sure to ask for Fala Bar’s fresh Tahini sauce and a pot of hummus with your main course. There’s also free water inside the shop (at Venice).
You can’t miss the green sign outside, sit in or take away at Fala Bar with convenient packaging and super helpful staff offering some of the finest vegan food in Los Angeles.
Fala Bar sign, vegan Los Angeles

Round The World Magazine Rating

We rate Fala Bar our top 6 star rating for fine vegan dining on a budget:
Round The World Magazine 6 star rating hostel review

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