Nov 11, 2017
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40 Top Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

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The Best Lesbian Tattoo Ideas

Fancy getting a lesbian tattoo and need some inspiration? Check out these amazing lesbian and rainbow tattoos.

Angel Wings Rainbow Tattoo

This stunning lesbian tattoo is as colourful as it gets. The angel wing rainbow tattoo looks great on the back, shoulders and arms.

Angel Wings Rainbow Tattoo with Lesbian Sign

Another super colourful rainbow tattoo with an added bonus of the lesbian sign.

lgbt pride tattoo


Rainbow Heart Tattoo with Lesbian Sign

This is a great tattoo for those wanting a smaller sized piece of art inked on their body.

Pride Tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Unicorn Lesbian Tattoo

This cartoon style unicorn is vomiting rainbows and is a great lesbian tattoo to have on the arms and legs.

Lesbian tattoo, unicorn spewing rainbow tattoo on arm

Image Credit:This is tattoo

Feather Rainbow Tattoo

This lesbian tattoo is a great one to show off at a pride event, show off those beautiful colors loud and proud.

gay pride feather tattoo


Lesbian tattoo, rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoo, rainbow tattoo with heart

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoos, lesbian sign rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoos, my little pony tattoo rainbow flying horse cute girly cartoon women skin ink

Image Credit:Rattatattoo

Name Initials Rainbow Tattoo

Go for it, be bold and get your initials inked with these beautiful rainbow colors.

Lesbian Tattoo, LGBT Neck Tattoo

Image Credit:Youtube

Lesbian Tattoo, rainbow bird tattoo on wrist

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoo on wrist

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoos, star rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Funny lesbian tattoos

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoos, love rainbow tattoo on wrist

Image Credit:Etsy

Lesbian tattoos, two girls rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoo, heart rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Pinterest

Lesbian tattoo ideas

Image Credit:Tumblr

Lesbian Couple Tattoos

In a relationship and fancy getting matching lesbian tattoos? Check out these ideas to give you some inspiration.

Matching scissor tattoo

These matching scissors are a great idea for those wanting a matching lesbian tattoo.

Lesbian Tattoo, scissor tattoo on fingers

Image Credit:Slodive

Matching Rainbow Heart Tattoo

Love Bird Tattoos

Lesbian Tattoo, matching lesbian bird tattoo on wrist

Image Credit:Pinterest

Rainbow Heart Tattoo

Gay pride heart rainbow tattoo

Image Credit:Tattoo fan blog

Key and Lock Matching Tattoo

matching lesbian tattoos, key and lock behind ear

Image Credit:Pinterest

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The Best 40 Lesbian Tattoos

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