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5 Things To Know About Living in LA

5 Things You Need to Know About Living in LA

Living in the LA area is a dream. “the City of Angels” is home to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, as well as some of the most impressive modern architecture and interior design in the world. Moving to Los Angeles is no easy task, and you’ll need to prepare for a radical life-change.
There are so many things to do in LA, but before you pack your bags, check out this list of five things you need to know about living in LA.

Living in LA
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1. Los Angeles is a Big City

The city of Los Angeles covers a vast area. Its spread out from the beach town of Santa Monica to the downtown area, into the valley and the suburbs beyond. Unfortunately, the tech design of Silicon Valley has yet to spill over into the public transportation system. 
Buses, trams, and trains leave a lot to desire, so you’ll need a car if you want to commute to your workplace. On the upside, there are so many places to visit that you won’t be short of activities on the weekends.

2. LA isn’t Only for Entertainers

Thousands of LA residents work in the entertainment industry. However, the city isn’t just for movie stars and A-list celebrities. There are millions of average people residing in the suburbs and towns around the greater Los Angeles area. 
It requires minimal effort to find social groups close to any area you choose to live. LA is a city filled with creative energy and its common to meet people that run their own business from home.

3. Traffic is Heavy

The traffic is one major drawback of living in Los Angeles. With over 4-million residents, it’s common for the local highways and byways to choke up with hundreds of thousands of vehicles during peak hours in the morning and late afternoon. 
Make sure you choose to live close to your workplace, sitting in traffic for up to 6-hours a day is mind-numbing.

4. Great People and an Open culture

Los Angeles is the cultural capital of the West Coast. You can expect to find hundreds of alternative restaurants that offer vegan menus, and there’s a yoga studio on almost every block. LA residents are eco-conscious citizens that care for their city. The beaches are clean, and the roads are free of litter. Make sure that you don’t get caught abusing the environment, or you can guarantee a local will call you out on your behavior.

5. Enjoy an Outdoor Lifestyle

LA is the perfect city for suburban living and fans of the great outdoors. If you like getting out into the wilderness on the weekends, it will please you to learn that the area surrounding the greater LA area is home to mountain ranges that offer tremendous hiking opportunities.
Visit the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountain ranges, or take a stroll through the Angeles National Forest on a lazy summer afternoon.

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles
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Wrapping Up
Moving to LA has so many lifestyle benefits for you to consider. Clean living, white sandy beaches, vast mountain ranges, lush forests and, of course, the hustle and bustle of the downtown area.
Sunset in Los Angeles
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Speak to a local real estate specialist and ask them about property deals in and around the greater Los Angeles area. When you find a residence that calls to you, pack your bags and move to the “City of Angels.”

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Things To Know About Living In Los Angeles
Things To Know About Living In Los Angeles

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