5 Top Natural Landmarks In Arizona

Arizona is well known for its breathtaking natural beauty, these top landmarks in Arizona are a must see for any adventurous traveler. Mother nature really knew what she was doing when she created these natural wonders. Guests who come to visit this scenic state say that the views are so picturesque.

With sun and heat being so prevalent in Arizona, you want to make sure you have the right supplies needed on your trip. If you’re not sure what your trip will entail, you at least want to have the basics such as sunscreen, hats, shades, and plenty of water. Another cool thing about Arizona is that even though the weather is so hot during the summer months, some of these top landmarks in Arizona have natural pools that you can actually swim in, so that is definitely something to keep in mind during your trip.

Arizona is known as “the Grand Canyon state,” and with very good reason. The Grand Canyon is the most popular attraction in this lovely state, and has been a big draw for tourists for well over a century now. Outside of the Grand Canyon, Arizona has so many other natural, beautiful landscapes and sites that will also take your breath away. The next time you’re in Arizona, make it a point to visit these top natural landmarks.

Havasu Falls

This breathtaking blue-greenish water is located near the Supai on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. It’s actually a hidden gem located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Blue-greenish in color, this gorgeous waterfall cascades down a dazzling array of rock formations that total over 100 feet tall.

Havasu Falls definitely has gorgeous views, but it’s not for the faint of heart. It is a 10 mile hike that can last anywhere from four to seven hours both ways. Since you’ll most likely be taking this little trek in the heat of the day, it’s very important that you are fully prepared for the journey.

With it being Arizona, the weather is going to be dry and hot on the trail, plus you won’t actually hit any water until eight miles into the trail, so you want to be sure you pack at least two to three liters of water. It will be a tough hike for you, but once you reach the end of your hike, you’ll be so glad you did it.

This particular location has views that would be great for a keepsake book, or even a blog. The pristine waters would be captured so well on camera. A cool thing about a blog is that, even if you’ve never been to a location, or if you weren’t able to get pictures on your visit, you can still showcase the natural beauty of the landscape through stock nature photography. It will look as if you actually were there, and with it being a blog, your photos will make your followers feel like they went on the journey with you.

Havasu Falls, Arizona
Image Credit: Pixabay

Horseshoe Bend

Named after its unusual shape, Horseshoe Bend is a natural oasis definitely worth your visit. This horseshoe shaped, winding course houses the Colorado River, and can be found about four miles southwest of Page, Arizona. If that didn’t really paint a picture for you of its location, then you can refer to it as being within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Horseshoe Bend has a much shorter hike than Havasu Falls, but it does present some challenges along the hike. You can expect steep areas, as well as areas with deep sand, so don’t dismiss Horseshoe Bend just because it has a shorter hiking distance.

Landmarks in Arizona, Horseshoe Bend
Image Credit: Pixabay

Red Rock State Park

This natural attraction got its name due to the color of these historic rock formations…they somewhat resemble the color of red clay. This state park is 286 acres, but it is family friendly. Now, unlike the first two landmarks, the Red Rock State Park has different levels of difficulty based on length, so the entire family can enjoy a trip here, and pick out a trail that works for everyone.

You will be in complete awe by the red rock formations, but also by Oak Creek, which runs through the park. Oak Creek has created a riparian habitat as well, and this habitat has provided a setting for plants and wildlife. So, when you’re on a family trip to Arizona, don’t forget to stop by the Red Rock State Park.

Red Rock State Park
Image Credit: Pixabay

Grand Canyon

Now you have the most famous of all the canyons in Arizona… the Grand Canyon. Located just a little over four hours from the Las Vegas Strip, this is a destination you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Have you ever flown somewhere that required flying over the Grand Canyon? It’s definitely beautiful in person, but it’s just as gorgeous thousands of feet in the air too, so be sure to grab yourself a window seat!

This majestic natural wonder has a ten mile width, with a 227 river mile length. You can find all kinds of different trails that truly capture the beauty of this natural wonder. The South and North Rims offer lookout points that allow you to be mesmerized by the colors at sunset.

Grand Canyon
Image Credit: Pixabay

Antelope Canyon

This unique gem is located in Page, Arizona, within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation reserve. Antelope Canyon is what you would call a slot canyon. A slot canyon is a canyon that is formed by the wearing and tearing of rock by waters rushing through it. This type of canyon is typically deep, rather than wide.

Antelope Canyon is an attraction getting more and more popular with photographers too. It’s a camera’s dream actually. The way the walls are formed allow the colors to shine bright when the sun hits it just right. You can see the colors on the walls fluctuate from various shades of red, on into purple.

One thing about this particular canyon is that you can only tour the upper and lower parts of the canyon with a licensed professional Navajo guide, but don’t let that deter you from taking the trip. The images and colors you capture will make you very glad you did.

Antelope Canyon
Image Credit: Pixabay

We hope that these top natural landmarks in Arizona have given you inspiration for when you visit this beautiful state. Be sure to pack lots of water, sunscreen and don’t forget your camera!

Do you know any natural landmarks in Arizona that we should include in this list? Tell us in the comments below

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5 Top Natural Landmarks In Arizona

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