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The Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

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“The best pancakes in the world, served in a hip, relaxing ambiance by the nicest staff in Tennessee”

The Pancake Pantry is a family run business that has been serving up sweet treats in Hillsboro Village for the last 55 years.

Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Serving Nashville for 55 years

Efforts to obtain the pancake’s ingredients stretch as far as the hills of East Tennessee, where the finest speciality flour is carefully chosen and purchased in bulk. The pancakes and syrup is made fresh every day which contributes to the delicious taste.
Pictures at the Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Made fresh every day

The Pancake Pantry uses secret recipes that have been passed down the same family for over half a century, the syrup is served warm and has it’s own magical ingredients.

Secret recipe syrup, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, TN

Warm maple syrup

The Pancake Pantry serve 23 varieties of Pancakes as well as savory dishes, sandwiches and grills. The pancakes on theMenu include:
[symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Caribbean Pancakes
A natural delight! Five buttermilk pancakes surrounded by slices of banana, a handful of pecans, topped with shredded coconut, powdered sugar, and a cherry on top. Served with butter and syrup.[/symple_box] [symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Smoky Mountain Buckwheat Cakes
A dark flavored whole grain, which produces a fluffy, light pancake. Served five cakes high with butter and honey. [/symple_box] [symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Sante Fe Cornmeal Pancakes
Three stone-ground cornmeal pancakes with pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese, and roasted green chilies cooked inside.
Recommended with warm maple syrup to blend flavors, hot picante salsa and sour cream.
[/symple_box] [symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Georgia Peach Pancakes
Three light, rolled pancakes, each hold a dollop of cooled sweetbGeorgia peach compote. Topped with more delicious cooled compote, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.[/symple_box] [symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Sweet Potato Pancakes
Five real sweet potatoes in a fluffy batter make this our most unique pancake. Sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon. We also recommend cinnamon cream syrup as an accent.[/symple_box] The creative cooks operate from an extensive Breakfast and Lunch menu in a relaxing and open ambiance.
Kitchen at the Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Open plan kitchen

Visitors pile into the Pantry every day from 6am queuing for popular dishes such as Sweet Potato Pancakes and the Old Fashioned Buttermilk.
Swiss Chocolate Pancakes CLOSE UP, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, TN

Be prepared to join a queue

The extensive varieties and wonderful decor have given The Pancake Pantry well deserved accreditation, and amazing feedback on Trip Advisor.
Art work, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, TN

Enjoy the decor

Our experience
We dined at the Pancake Pantry as a couple and waited in line for around 15 minutes.

Round The World Magazine at the Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Our obligatory visit to the famous Pancake Pantry

The waiting area inside the Pantry has seats and a book shelf. You can also enjoy the pictures of what the Pantry used to look like when it first opened in 1961.

Books in the waiting area

Were were brought forward from the middle of the queue after two seats became available.
Customers, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Busy every single day

If you’re dining with a large group, expect to wait for up to an hour at peak times, particularly in the tourist season. If you want to be served quicker, consider splitting into smaller groups.
Pictures at the Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee We ordered two house coffees (with free refills), The Chocolate Sin and the Swiss Chocolate Chip pancakes (in our pre-vegan days).

[symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Chocolate Sin
Three of our light crepe style pancakes filled with a chocolate ganache then topped with raspberry compote, powdered sugar, more chocolate ganache, and fresh whipped cream. [/symple_box]
Chocolate Sin pancakes, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, TN

The Chocolate Sin

[symple_box style=”boxnotice”]Swiss Chocolate Chip Pancakes
For chocolate lovers! Five old fashioned buttermilk pancakes covered with semi-sweet Bakers chocolate chips. Sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with butter and warm syrup[/symple_box]
Swiss Chocolate Pancakes, Pancake Pantry, Nashville, TN

Swiss Chocolate Chip

Both dishes were filling and delicious, the best pancakes we had ever had, a true American experience. The staff were incredible and they really enjoyed our British accents!
Staff at the Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

Friendly staff

Visit the Pancake Pantry website for more information.

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Pancake Pantry, Nashville, Tennessee

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