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How to take a Sabbatical with Worldpackers

Dreaming of traveling or taking some extended time away from work? Discover how easy it is to take a sabbatical with Worldpackers! Exchange your skills for accommodation and live like a local while immersing yourself in new cultures and collaborative communities.

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Travel is currently more accessible than ever before. Ultimately, it is still considered an immense privilege, but thanks to modern technology and huge advances in both air and ground transportation infrastructure, there are now infinitely more options for how to travel.

Travel experiences are often life-changing; seeing and exploring new places, cultures, belief systems, and ways of life is inspiring, transformational, and for some, addictive. If you’re anything like me, you’ve traveled quite a bit and feel you could keep going forever; the thrill of new places – of the unknown – keeps you dreaming about the limitless possibilities of growth and expansion that you know are directly available to you through travel.

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Whether you leave home for a week, three months, or a year-long world trip, travel changes you. For some, it’s a way to reset, refresh and refocus, and for others, it’s a means towards shifting direction, tuning in to intuition, and finding and establishing a deeper knowing of self.

If you’re dreaming of travel and not sure how to take the first step towards making a trip happen, taking a sabbatical is a great way to start. Traditionally speaking, a sabbatical is a period of time away from work that people usually use to travel.

Some people decide to take a sabbatical because they’re feeling stuck, uninspired, and beaten down by the daily grind. On the contrary, others might already feel very content with their day-to-day, and simply desire some extra self-care, time to recharge, and fresh inspiration to set new intentions and goals.

Whatever your reasons, deciding to take a sabbatical to travel is never a bad idea. Aside from learning heaps about yourself, you might just discover a new passion, or even end up with a new home! Whether your sabbatical leads to a different dream or brings you back to your current path, you won’t regret the amazing experiences and broadened perspective you’ll gain.

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If asking for an extended leave from work or quitting your job altogether is too much for you, Worldpackers is here to make traveling – and taking a sabbatical – so much easier for you.

Worldpackers is a collaborative platform that connects you with hosts around the world where you can travel exchanging your skills for accommodation. The Worldpackers community was founded on the idea that travel is a pure form of education that should be accessible to all.

With an extensive array of hosts all over the world to choose from, taking the sabbatical of your dreams with Worldpackers is not only possible, it’s a must! Of course, there are certain risks involved and you will undoubtedly encounter challenges along the way, but the freedom, rest, time to reflect, and lessons learned will be more than worth the effort.

Are you ready to change your life?

How to take a sabbatical with Worldpackers

So, you’re going to take a sabbatical. But first, the logistics.

Where do you want to go? What kind of sabbatical do you need? How long do you intend to be away for? These are all important questions you should ask yourself in advance, as your answers will determine the purpose and success of your sabbatical.

1. Decide what kind of sabbatical you need

What is your purpose in taking a sabbatical? What do you need? Are you taking a sabbatical for rest and relaxation or are you craving a major shift in direction? What are your goals?

Try journaling about your reasons for taking a sabbatical. If you have a clear idea of what you hope to get out of taking a sabbatical, choosing the sabbatical that’s right for you will be much easier.

2. Decide where you want to go

Once you’ve decided on a sabbatical experience that aligns with your goals, consider where you want to live that experience. Perhaps there is a faraway place you’ve always dreamt of visiting, or maybe you’d like to venture somewhere new in your own country.

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Consider the appropriate backdrop and environment for your needs. Does your sabbatical experience call for a vibrant and dynamic city-scape, immersion in nature, or a balanced mix of both?

3. Research hosts, budget, and plan

Once you’ve decided on the location(s) for your sabbatical, it’s time to find your host. Browse the Worldpackers site for hostels, inns, guesthouses, NGOs, communities, and ecological projects where you can help out and receive stay, food, and other benefits in exchange for work.

Knowing your sabbatical’s purpose is absolutely essential; if you are seeking a quieter, calmer pace of life, choose to help out at a cozy home-stay in New Zealand, homeschool children while sailing around Greece with their family, or sleep in a tree cabin and learn sustainable farming places in Chile!

On the other hand, if you’ve been withdrawn for a while and are taking a sabbatical to reignite your social self and sense of community, consider working at a hostel in a big city, volunteering to be a camp counselor for kids, or helping run a surf camp in Portugal.

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With Worldpackers, the possibilities are truly endless. With more than one million travelers and hosts from over 170 countries, an excellent support team and safety system, planning, budgeting, and taking a life-changing sabbatical with Worldpackers is easier than ever.

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