Apr 22, 2016
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Free Beer at the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour in Boston

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After travelling the USA, we were surprised to find the states brew a very good craft beer. During our visit to Boston, Massachusetts, we couldn’t miss out on tasting one of our favourite beers in the very place where it is made. What makes the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour unmissable (if you’re a beer fan) is the price, it is completely free. The brewery do ask for a small non-mandatory donation of $2 towards a local charity.

Picture of the Samuel Adams brewery

Where it all begins

Hop on Boston’s metro and exit at Stony Brook for the opportunity to see how America’s most popular beer is made at the Samuel Adams brewery. You may even get to sample beer that isn’t available in the shops . Don’t forget to take valid ID as you must be 21 or over to experience this tour. Be sure to check their website for more information on the free Samuel Adams brewery tour.

What’s pouring behind the scenes?

A picture of inside the Samuel Adams Brewery tour

The history of Samuel Adams

Beer, beer and more beer, but how is it all made? The brewery is based in Jamacia Plain in Boston and throughout the tour you are given a generous 1.5 pints of different beers in total. It’s enough to tip you to the other side of sober. The Jamaica Plain brew house starts the production of every single Sam Adams beer in the whole world.
That’s a whole lot of beer for a small brewery, and it really is smaller than you would imagine. The Samuel Adams staff are very knowledgeable on the beer making processes, be sure to ask as many questions as you wish.

Picture of Hops at the Boston Brewery

Mighty fine smelling hops

Sam Adams use copious amounts of hops to make their Boston Lager and IPAs, you are able to scoop up your own hops, open up the flowers and rub them in your hands to warm them up. Take a good sniff or even a taste if you’re adventurous enough. The hops have a distinctively fragrant scent that made us want to run to the nearest bar to order an IPA.

Photograph of Samuel Adams ingredients

This chocolate malt gives Sam Adams a great rich flavour

This is a great chance to not only see what ingredients go into Sam Adams, but to experience the process of how this great beer is made.

Samuel Adams brewery tour Boston

You will be given detailed knowledge about the step by step process and you will get to see the machinery that is used as you are guided through the brewery.

Photograph of a worker cleaning the machinery Inside the Samuel Adams brewery

At the end of the tour, we were offered samples of various flavours in the offical ‘Sample Room’.

Photograph of someone pouring free beer in the Samuel Adams brewery sample room

We were fortunate enough to sample a beer that wasn’t yet released and it was delicious.

Photograph of someone pouring free beer in the sample room in the Sam Adams brewery

Getting to the Samuel Adams Brewery

Car – parking is available at the Sam Adams brewery.
Subway – Check out The Massachusetts Bay transportation authority for details
Take the Orange Line direct from Haymarket Station, exit at Stony Brook (around 15 minutes). It cost around $2 per person each way.
Then we walked around 5 minutes through the local neighbourhood to get to the Samuel Adams Brewery.

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Samuel Adams Brewery tour

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