No Regrets: 8 Tips to Enjoy Your Solo Nomad Adventure

Life is wonderful when explored with people close to your heart, but discovering the beauty of the world by yourself is a different and life-changing experience. You get to see what life has to offer in a different perspective and discover that long-lost connection with that very important person in your life – YOU.

But it’s easy to fall prey on the fear of being alone, of exploring the unknown without the comfort of someone’s presence, and the regret of finding the hidden gems of this life without someone to share the awe with.

Ah, worry not, traveler. Set your tippy-tappy feet and your adventurer shoes, pack your supplies of adventurous spirits, and find the confidence in being a solo nomad with these 8 solo travel tips!

1. Plan your itinerary, but make room for detours

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It’s best to have an idea of your travel itinerary. It helps you pack the right stuff in your suitcase, have the right budget for the trip, and plan your routines according to expected weather or events.

But don’t overload your schedule with too many activities. Yes, it’s the perfect time to try out anything you want to do, but have too many activities on your hand and you’ll end up more stressed than before. And let’s face it. Things don’t always go according to our plans. And that’s what makes a trip exciting!

Don’t rely much on your itinerary. When things don’t go right, go left! Or north. Or south. Ah seriously, just go with the flow. And if you haven’t done all those activities you’ve been dying to try, you could save that for your comeback trip.

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2. Reviews are your greatest friends

Bless the heavens for the internet! Thanks to reviewing platforms like TripAdvisor, you can save yourself from booking an accommodation/activity that’s all scam on the inside.

So before you get all hyped up with an activity/accommodation you found online, make sure to see what other guests/travelers have to say about it. Is the service good? Is the place/activity worth the price, or does it seem to good to be true?

Sometimes, reviewers there leave some suggestions on other activities around the area you can try and the scrumptious dishes you MUST dig in!

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3. Do things you wouldn’t normally do with your friends and family

Got any activities you’ve always wanted to try, but felt too shy to try during your trips with family/friends? Now’s the perfect chance to unleash thy adventurer spirit! Don’t stick with the fear of having no one by your side in case things hit the fan. Try now or regret forever is the mantra.
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For instance, you can plan to have a tour of that landmark you’ve been dying to visit for ages. Or do those trekking activities you can’t try before because you’re the only one interested to trek. Take this opportunity during your solo adventure to cross something off your bucket list!

4. Keep a list of emergency contact information with you every time, everywhere

Of course, we wouldn’t want anything bad to happen during our trip, but life is full of surprises. Have a list of your emergency contacts on your phone. List emergency phone numbers and name in a paper, put in a tag, and hook it on your bag, pants or hang it to an ID lace and wear it with you while traveling.

Make sure your personal deets are listed and attached in your personal belongings too, in case you lost or accidentally left some of them during your trip.

You should also keep a contact number of your credit card company in case your credit card got misplaced or stolen.

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5. Let someone at home know you’re going to be away for days or weeks

Keep at least one person back home updated with your latest solo trip. You never know when someone comes looking for you suddenly, or if there’s an emergency you should be notified of immediately.

6. Don’t be afraid to meet strangers.

Your solo trip’s your perfect chance to make new friends! There are also nomads like you who prefer to travel alone, and their paths are dying to cross with yours.
top tips for solo travel

So get out there, make small talks with other travelers in your hotel/lodge/inn. Get to know some locals in the area. Attend some local events to meet other tourists and locals. Visit cafés and parks to bump with other adventurous souls like you.

Just be extra careful when approaching strangers. Some might not be open to talking with unfamiliar faces, while some, let’s just say not all people are friendly and kind.

7. Try those cruises and tours to surround yourself with companions.

To avoid encountering that feeling of being alone and overwhelmed with strangers, book any tours and cruises available in the place you’re visiting. You can meet some people who are pursuing their heart’s calling for an adventure like you. At the end of the tour/cruise, you’ll find your phone full of new contacts (and new friends on social media too)!

8. Capture lots of photos you can share with your friends, family, and the world

Hey, a photo of that sunset by the beach would be a perfect addition to my photobook for my polaroids!

Wow, this view is to die for! I wish my friends and family could see this.

The moment we see breathtaking places, we can’t help but grab our cameras, point, shoot, and wish we had someone to share the giddiness with.

traveling solo tips

With the availability of free WiFi everywhere, it’s easier to share some snapshots of your vacation with family and friends. So take as many photos as you want and upload them on your social media accounts when you get back to your accommodation.

Or you can choose to go old school and have those photos printed. It would be nice to visit your photobook for some reminiscing!

Solo traveling – life’s greatest opportunity of freedom, discovery, and adventure!

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You deserve a break from all the expectations and pressure from this world. It only takes a pluck of courage to go on an adventure on your own. Know yourself more intimately, meet new amazing people, and discover how beautiful life can be.

So go out there, traveler, and may the spirit of adventure be with you!

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