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Ways to Save Money as a Student in Milan

Are you heading to Italy and thinking about being a student in Milan? We’re here to tell you ways you can save money while studying in this beautiful Italian city.

The city of Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and is also one of the major cultural metropolitan cities in the world. It is home to some of the most revolutionary and treasured artworks and innovative exhibitions that have ever been created. When it comes to high end fashion and fashion trends very few cities in the world can hold a candle to Milan. This is a city of natural trendsetters, from hippies to classy fashion; there is no style you won’t find here. This is a very fast paced city with a lot going on. It is a business capital that loves to work harder and party even harder.

The city is also known for its excellent cuisine and pumped up nightlife. It also boasts of a very large selection of world renowned universities that attract many foreign students. The upbeat lifestyle and availability of future employment prospects is a perfect mix that attracts many aspiring students.

Life in Milan can sometimes prove to be very costly for the average student if they do not plan their finances well. In an exciting city such as this, it is pretty easy to overindulge. This article will explore various ways in which students in Milan or planning to study in Milan can save money and still enjoy all the city has to offer.

tips for being a student in Milan
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One of the things that can put a serious dent in your finances is Student accommodation in Milan if you do not carry out adequate research and find housing that fits your particular budget. A large number of universities can usually arrange housing for their students at very affordable rates but if you are not lucky enough to land the limited spaces you will have to find your own alternative accommodation. Your options when looking for alternative housing that is pocet friendly will include sharing, renting a room in a family home, hostels or getting a small room for yourself. The trick to saving money with these options in Milan boils down to location. The city is divided into nine zones that differ in terms of pricing for houses. The most affordable housing for a student can be found in the following areas Porta Romana, Chinatown, Porta Venezia and Città Studi. You can find listings of Student accommodation in Milan at accommodation in Milan.


Milan being a city with a highly developed cuisine can sometimes prove to be very pricy if you decide that to eat out very often. There are several tricks you can use as a student in order to save money on food, such as;
Scheduling your meal times at campus. The prices within the universities are usually student friendly.
Cooking at home, especially if you are sharing accommodation with other students. You can split money for groceries and this way your money will last a little longer.
Taking advantage of the numerous offers available in Milan. Get your meals during happy hours at local restaurants and bars when it is cheap. It might mean you eat a little earlier than usual but you will save.
Eat with the locals and discover cheaper alternatives to fast food restaurants that is of good value and at a price that is right.

Pizza in Italy
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The transport system in Milan is very efficient and one can travel easily through the city in a short time. They have various modes of transport to choose from ranging from taxis, car hire, trains, trams, buses and bicycles. As a student it is advisable to get a designated student pass to ride the trains or bus as they are relatively cheaper than other modes of transport in Milan. You could also use bicycles which are the cheapest mode within the city and are easily available. The best option however for saving on transport costs are securing affordable accommodation that is a walking distance to your university.

Phone Plan

There are many other ways to save money as a student in Milan such as getting the right phone plan. Get one that is affordable from a reliable and easily accessible provider such as Tim and Wind that have flexible student plans. Research into Milan is key before applying for university because this would help you find other ways to save money while studying.

Milan city centre
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Are you living as a student in Milan? Tell us your tips

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Ways to Save Money as a Student in Milan
Ways to Save Money as a Student in Milan

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