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18 Spooky Things to do on Halloween

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18 Spooky Things to do on Halloween

Check out these top spooky things to do on Halloween and you will be inspired no matter where you are in the world.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st each year to mark the eve of All Saints’ Day. Nowadays, children and adults across the world celebrate the occasion by dressing up in their favorite and most frightful costumes. These traditions are rooted from Celtic harvest festivals. The celebration started off as an event to mark the end of summer on 1st November and there is a belief that on this day, evil spirits, witches and demons roam the earth to show the entrance of ‘their season’, the season of dark and cold winter nights. This festival is said to have originated in Ireland and Scotland from the Celtic holiday of Samhain.

We have rounded up the creepiest things to do on Halloween that we could find, to give some ‘in-spook-ration’ on places to visit on this Halloween. Dark castles, tombs, grave yards and haunted houses are among a few that will give an authentic scare experience.

Things to do on Halloween

Image Credit: Time Out

Scotland, Edinburgh Castle
If you are looking for best places to go for Halloween in Edinburgh, head to the Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. This is a bubbling hot spot for a good fright during a cold haunting Halloween. What makes this castle so unique is that the building was erected on top of a 700 million year old volcano called Castle Rock. There are many dark tales coming from the rich history of Edinburgh Castle, one of which indicates a time of brutal tortures in the vaults beneath the castle. Care to visit if you dare!

Italy, Sicily – The Catacombs of Palermo
Spending Halloween in Italy this year? Head to these scary catacombs. Palermo in Italy is home to creepy Catacombs, which once started as traditional cemeteries in the 16th century. The Catacombs of Palermo is now a famous tourist attraction, allowing people to take a look into its extraordinary history. The building holds the remains of over 8,000 corpses, resting up against walls and displayed in open caskets. The Catacombs of Palermo is a place to make any spine shiver!

Things to do on Halloween, The Catacombs of Palermo in Italy

Image credit:National Geographic

Prague – Old Jewish Cemetery
Prague’s Jewish Ghetto hosts one of the oldest Jewish burial grounds in the world and an eerie story lies beneath the cluttered cemetery. The history of burials dates back to the 15th Century and bodies were still being laid to rest here 348 years later. Expanding the size of the cemetery grounds still didn’t allow enough space for burials and when they ran out of space, officials resorted to burying bodies on top of one another.

Things to do on Halloween, Old Jewish Cemetary, Prague

Image credit: Grayline

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia – Eastern State Penitentiary
Those looking for things to do on Halloween in Philadelphia will not be dissapointed. We have taken a tour of the world’s first ever Penitentiary, the Eastern State, right in the center of Philadelphia. Once home to Al Capone and Willie Sutton, the former prison is shaped like an enormous concrete star. The building was freezing cold and eerily empty, making the experience terrifying as we weaved in and out of abandoned cells and dark corridors. A revolutionary system developed here that encouraged isolation of inmates as a main principle to reform opposing direct punishment to those inmates who stepped out of line.

Things to do on Halloween, Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Image credit: Solitary Watch

Singapore, Changi – Old Changi Hospital
Looking for things to do on Halloween in Singapore? Head to the Old Changi Hospital for a spooky Halloween tour. There have been many deaths and cruel actions performed between the walls of what was once the British Royal Air Force barracks (RAF). Reports of restless souls and screams have been made within the building and there have been terrifying tales told in decaying medical corridors.

Things to do on Halloween, Old Changi Hospital in Singapore

Image Credit: Haunted Changi

Belgium, Celles – Miranda Castle
Also know as ‘Château Miranda’, this 19th century castle was built by Gothic Revival architect, Edward Milner. The building may look like a fairy-tale on the outside, but the inside tells a different story now that it lies derelict.

Things to do on Halloween, Miranda Castle Celles Belgium

Image Credit: Urban Ghosts Media

Massachusetts – Salem
Situated near Boston, a historic city that allegedly hosted witch trials back in the 17th century lies close by. Head here if you want a mix of terrifying tales and fascinating historic sites. The town has an extensive list of things to do including, ‘The House of the Seven Gables,’ ‘The Salem Witch Trials Memorial,’ ‘The Peadbody Essex Museum’ and the ‘Old burying point cemetery.’

Things to do on Halloween, Corwin House in Salem Massachusetts

Image Credit: New England

Australia, New South Wales – Monte Cristo Homestead
The Monte Cristo is an old standing Victorian building that sits on a hill overlooking the town of Junee. It was once owned by a native family until the late 1940’s then it became empty for nearly 20 years before being purchased by new owners. The building now hosts a museum and is a popular tourist attraction known as ‘Australia’s most haunted house’. Take a look for yourself to find out why!

Things to do on Halloween, Monte Cristo Homestead in New South Wales Australia

Image Credit: Wicked Horror

Canada, Alberta – Banff Springs Hotel
Those looking for fun things to do on Halloween in Alberta should check out this spooky hotel. A beautifully picturesque building, the Banff Springs hotel has a series of bone chilling stories behind the closed doors. One of the most notorious is the tragic story of the ghost bride, when back in the 1920s a newly wed bride caught her dress on a candle’s flame, slipped down the grand staircase and her life was cut short quickly. Her dream was over. It is believed that her presence is still felt in the hotel and staff have reported to have seen a figure in a wedding dress floating around the stairs on several occasions.

The Banff Springs Hotel is one of Alberta’s most historic hotels and each year the staff host a haunted Halloween Gala spread out across multiple rooms. The gala hosts entertainment such as DJ’s, scary performers and spooky surprises.

Things to do on Halloween, Banff Springs Hotel in Alberta Canada

Image Credit: Hotels.com

Romania, Transylvania – Bran Castle
Attention all vampire lovers, ‘Dracula’s Castle’ is real and it is a fang-tastic destination to spend your Halloween evening. In previous years, ‘Dracula’s home’ has even been rented out to host Halloween horror nights. Bran Castle is a National landmark and monument in Romania.

Things to do on Halloween, Bran Castle Romania Transylvania

Image Credit: GoTravel

Czech Republic, Brno – Capuchin Crypt
The Capuchin Crypt was founded in the 17th Century in the basement of the Capuchin Monastery. It was used as a resting place for deceased monks and is now open to visitors, who can see the mummified bodies. Visitors can see the corpse of a woman who was apparently buried alive!

Things to do on Halloween, Capuchin Crypt, Brno Czech Republic

Image Credit: YouSayTheEarthIsRound

Mexico, Xochimilco – Island of the Dolls
One of the creepiest things to do on Halloween in Mexico is La Isla de Las Muñecas translated to ‘Island of the Dolls’. Dolls hang from trees, cover the ground and dangle from washing lines, all themed with a scary glare. The Island of the Dolls started as a grave for Santana who died in 2001 and his cousin now runs the destination as a tourist attraction. This famous fright spot has even featured in TV shows and many websites across the world.

Picture of Island of the Dolls Mexico

Image Credit: Bestpickr

13th Gate Haunted House, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The 13th Gate Haunted House is located near neighboring city, New Orleans, is regarded as one of the most haunted houses in the USA. Features include underground tunnels, cellars, a real life snake swamp alongside a prehistoric ice cave. To keep things extra petrifying, guests have to pass through the Necropolis , also known as the haunted cemetery. Visit Midnight Productions for further information.

Things to do on Halloween, 13th Gate Haunted House, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Image Credit: MidNightProduction

Capuchin Crypt, Rome, Italy
Dig your fangs into this the first chapel of the Capuchin Crypt in one of Italy’s ‘bone churches’. The bone remains in the church are said to be left over body parts of nearly 4000 people. The Crypt is open to the public if you’re into that kind of thing!

Things to do on Halloween, Capuchin Crypt Rome Italy

Image Credit:Nomad Travellers

Tower of London, London, UK
The Tower of London is a creepy British castle located on the banks of the River Thames in Central London. It holds it’s reputation as being one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. One of the famous ‘resident ghosts’ in the Tower is said to be Anne Boleyn who was once married to King Henry VIII. There have been several alleged sightings of Anne Boleyn here, some by visiting tourists. The Tower of London is a great choice for those looking for things to do on Halloween in the UK.

Things to do on Halloween, Tower of London, UK

Image Credit: Travel Channel

Suicide Forest – Aokigahara, Mount Fuji, Japan
This deep and dark forest is situated at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji and has been named as one of the most popular suicide destinations in the world. Some corpses are forever undiscovered due to the lush dark forestry. It is said that some people entered the forest without any intention of suicide but never came out alive.

Things to do on Halloween, The Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan

Image Credit: Tofugu

Jamaica, Montego Bay – Rose Hall
This haunted house dates back to 1780 when the owners had around two thousand slaves working here on the plantation. Annie, who was once owner of the establishment, was said to have murder many slaves here giving her a deserved name of ‘The White Witch of Rose Hall.’ Some say that Annie Palmer still haunts the mansion, which is now a popular tourist attraction in popular Montego Bay.

Things to do on Halloween, Rose-Hall in Jamaica

Image Credit: RoseHall

China, Beijing – Forbidden City
This UNESCO World Heritage Site houses the Palace Museum, which was once home of China’s emperors. Within the walls of the Imperial Palace walls lies some serious ghost activity, reported to be particularly active after the sun goes down. Get lost in Forbidden City this Halloween and discover for yourself!

Things to do on Halloween, Forbidden City in Beijing China

Image Credit: ViaJarporChina

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