Top 5 secret things to do in Kiev

Top 5 Secret Things to do in Kiev

If you haven’t visited the Ukraine yet, it’s time for action. This European gem is a unique mixture of the current and previous centuries. What does it mean? Any tourist has a special opportunity to time travel across versatile castles, fortresses, architectural monuments, magnificent parks, and miscellaneous attractions.

So, if you’re persuaded in the necessity to go off to this destination, make a choice of available business class deals and set off to the capital city, which has a lot to offer. However, a regular set of sights is not an appealing thing. Hence, to feel the real spirit of Kiev, you need to go for a walk around secret places hidden from a regular traveler’s eyes.

Green Theater

Locals call it Zelionka. In fact, it’s an ancient amphitheater, which turns into the arena for concerts, discos and informal “parties” during the summertime. However, the major secrets are hidden in depths of the structure namely among the sinister dungeons of the Pecherska Fortress known as the patrimony of ghosts and reckless ghost hunters.

Lysa Hora

The name of the attraction in English sounds like the bald mountain. The origin of the name is unknown. Still, there’s a lot of evidence that this place was mentioned as the Sabbath venue in the famous Bulgakov’s novel “The Master and Margarita”. Besides, scientists and second-sighted consider this area in the Vydubychi District as a powerful geopathic zone. It’s no coincidence that ancient pagan temples are in abundance here!

Cemetery of Cranes

Unfortunately, not all used equipment is retired in a beautiful and dignified way. Thus, the creepy cemetery of cranes comprises old and rusty pieces of iron that are no longer suitable for exploitation. However, people found another application of them – for making terrific photos. Of course, don’t forget about safety precautions.

Oblique Caponier

This defensive structure is a part of the Kiev Fortress Museum and the biggest earth fortress of the Old World. Still, only a few inhabitants of the capital city heard about the Oblique Caponier. Some say that this fortification impressed Napoleon Bonaparte with its inaccessibility. So, the famous emperor abandoned going on a campaign against the Ukrainian capital city.

Abandoned Chemical Plant

This place is a real challenge for those who like extreme activities. The abandoned chemical plant is located in the Vydubychi District. In the 70’s and 80’s, the enterprise worked regularly. Today, its buildings are filled with chaos and ruins. The destination is weird but colorful.

Did we miss anything in this list of ‘Top 5 Secret Things to do in Kiev?’ If so, share your tips in the comments below.

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Top 5 secret things to do in Kiev

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