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Adventurous things to do in Las Vegas

The best adventurous things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an extravagant city bursting with fun-filled things to do and one of a kind places to see. The infamous Las Vegas Strip and the historic downtown area are full of world-class entertainment that attracts millions upon millions of visitors every year.
Viva Vegas Sign, Las Vegas, Nevada
Beyond the bright lights and neon signs, there are some incredibly adventurous things to do in Las Vegas, and we want to share the list our favorite adrenalin pumping attractions.

The Stratosphere Rides

Imagine rising 68 feet in the air while belted into a seat, then being dangled over the edge of a hotel roof with a further 1,149ft of nothing beneath you. Imagine the thrill of a ride so high, you cannot see people on the ground below.
Welcome to the Stratosphere hotel and the highest thrill rides in the USA located on top of the tower.
Stratosphere hotel, las vegas
Whether you’re looking up or looking down, the sheer height of the 3 adrenalin enhancing attractions is daunting.
rides on top of stratosphere, las vegas
There are a total of three rides at the top of the Stratosphere and all make this list for some of the most adventurous things to do in Las Vegas.
Ride dangling of edge, stratosphere, las vegas
There’s the X-Scream made famous by the ‘Last Vegas’ movie where Michael Douglas took the plunge with co-star Mary Nell Steenburgen.
Ride on top of stratosphere, michael douglas, las vegas
Riders are catapulted headfirst 27ft. over the Tower edge three times and each time the carriage dangles weightlessly 109 stories in the air.

Insanity is the second of the rides on top of the Stratosphere, and it certainly isn’t one for those who suffer from motion sickness (like one of us!)
Spinny ride, top of stratosphere, las vegas, nevada
Insanity is a spinny ride with enormous mechanical arms that hold riders 900 feet in the air.
Ride on top of the stratosphere, las vegas, nevada
The Insanity ride spins those who dare to hop on, 64 ft over the edge of the Stratosphere Tower. Those who are adventurous dare to stare straight down onto the Las Vegas Strip.
Spin ride at the Stratosphere, las vegas, nevada
Enjoy watching the terror on the faces of others who sit opposite you as the embark on one of the most thrilling rides in the world.
Rides at the top of the Stratosphere, las vegas

The third and final ride at the top of the Stratosphere is the highest, the Big Shot, which is located at the very top of the tower.

Big Shot ride, top of stratosphere, las vegas
Image Credit: Stratosphere Hotel
Riders are blasted 160ft straight into the air with exhillarating G Force and almost immediately free fall when the ride returns downward.

Tickets to any of the rides also include free access to the Tower Observation deck where you can enjoy incredible views of Las Vegas.
View of the strip from Stratosphere, las vegas, navada
There are moments where you wil realise you are so high, you may see helipcopter tours passing beneath you!
Top of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas
Prices for the Stratosphere Rides start from:
Tower admission plus all-day pass: $39.95; three rides, $35; two rides, $30; one ride, $25.
Express pass is an additional $10.
Front-of-the-line passes are also available for an additional $10.

Check the Stratosphere website for up to date information.

Slotzilla Zipline

One of the most adventurous things to do in Las Vegas is the Fremont Street Slotzilla Zipline. Not only will you climb inside the ‘world’s largest slot machine’, you will have the option to fly conventional (seated) or by the Super line (Super hero style).
zip line on Fremont street, las vegas Nevada
The conventional seated zip line is half the price and half the distance of the Superhero option, but just as thrilling.
Fremont street zip line, las vegas, Nevada
You will fly beneath the world’s largest video screen, into the Freemont Street Experience and beside some of the most popular and historic casinos in the world.

slotzilla superhero zip line, fremont street las vegas
Image Credit: Vegas Experience

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

One of the most adventurous things to do in Las Vegas is to take a helicopter to one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, which is only a short ride away.
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas
There are heaps of tours offering the once in a lifetime experience of taking a breathtaking flight over the famous Hoover Dam, the filming location of the famous car chase from Thelma and Louise, the mysterious Area 51, Lake Mead and an extinct volcano as well as landing in the depths of the Grand Canyon itself.
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas
Tours offer to pick up from most Las Vegas hotels, sometimes in a limousine, and the Helicopter rides leave from the Henderson Executive Airport whch is located a short drive away from the Las Vegas Strip.
Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas
Most tours offer flights at 3,500 feet through the Canyon walls and offer a landing experience at the Hualapai Indian Reservation, where you will enjoy a cool beverage, a light snack and a champagne toast 300 feet above the Colorado River.
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For more information visit Maverick Helicopter tours.

Go hiking at the Valley of Fire

Located less than an hour’s drive away from Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire State Park needs to be seen to be believed. The red rock formations and dry desert landscape earned the Valley of Fire its name, and as such has been home to filming locations for blockbuster movies such as Arnold Schwartzenegger’s Total Recall and Star Trek.
Climbing rocks at the valley of fire state park, utah
Hiking in the Valley of Fire allows visitors to experience one of a kind scenery, vegetation, wildlife and natural phenomena.
Rainbow vista, valley of fire state park, utah
See an ‘Elephant Rock’, historic petroglyphs (rock carvings), and epic road trip photographic opportunities that are on par with the some of the world’s greatest.
Road trip valley of fire state park
For more information, see our Valey of Fire Day Trip blog.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Top your Las Vegas fun and adventure with a liberating hot air balloon ride right by the beautiful Red Rock Mountain range in the open space of the desert.

Las Vegas hot air balloon ride, passengers over vegas
Image Credit: Trip Advisor
Drift silently over the city and countryside where you will have a bird’s eye view of the Red Rock Mountains and the Las Vegas Strip. Look for wildlife and special sites of the Nevada desert landscape. After drifting serenely for approximately an hour, the balloon will land at a chosen site in the desert.
Las vegas balloon ride
Image Credit: Travelnoire
Tours offer a champagne toast (non-alcoholic beverages are also available) before flying off back to the starting point, taking in the sites at every angle.

For more information, visit Vegas Balloon Rides.

Go Buggy Desert Racing

Lots of sand-filled fun can be had in the surrounding desert area around Las Vegas. There are many tour companies offering buggy adventures across sand dunes, including the Vegas Dunes Off Road Tour with Sun Buggy Las Vegas. The Vegas Dunes Off Road Tour is a casual paced adventure on your very own buggy across the wild and twisted terrain of the Vegas sand dunes for 30 minutes.

las vegas sand buggy
Image Credit: Pinterest
Up to 6 people can share a buggy making it a great fun-filled adventure for families. Riders will drive on their own Racer at the Vegas Dunes Off Road Recreation Area.
Las Vegas sand buggy sand dune adventure
Image Credit: Ytimag
A complimentary hotel shuttle is included in the price as well as unlimited bottled water to keep you hydrated During your Off-Road Tour.
Las vegas sand dune ride
Image Credit:Sunbuggy Las Vegas

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For more, visit Sun Buggy Las Vegas.

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Adventurous things to do in Las Vegas

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