Top Reasons To Go For A Reef Tour This Year

Top Reasons To Go For A Reef Tour This Year
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Top Reasons To Go For A Reef Tour This Year

If you have ever watched Blue Planet, you have likely enjoyed seeing the stunning coral reefs which live in our oceans. Reefs are a complex ecosystem and contain a huge range of plant life and animal life, plus a huge array of colour to enjoy. If you have ever thought about diving but are still on the fence, let us convince you.

You can breathe underwater

Perhaps one of the most surreal and amazing things you will experience when you book yourself on a Reef tour is the sensation of breathing underwater. If you are that person who always wore goggles, held your nose and closed your eyes in the swimming pool, diving will give you a whole new love for the underwater world. You can find more info on dives and take a look for yourself.

It doesn’t have to be deep

The main thing which seems to stop people from diving in the sea is the fear that they will be deep in the water. Just because you are going on a dive doesn’t mean you have to dive 30 meters under the water. There are plenty of dives which only go to a depth of 5-10 metres, and you will still be able to see some amazing things. Remember that you can trust your instructor to look after you, and if you have had enough, you can come back to the surface.

The colours

If you really love to see stunning sunsets and summer gardens, you will be even more impressed when you dive into the water and see the sheer amount of colour which is present in the reefs there. It is a stunning sight for you to enjoy and you will honestly want to stay there forever once you see it.

The adventure

Diving is one of those activities which will give you an enormous sense of freedom in your life. Diving under the water allows you to explore things you’ve never seen before, and it can make you feel as if you are going on the ultimate adventure.


Any child or adult in the last twenty years has seen the film, Finding Nemo. As you may know, Nemo is a clownfish, and you will be able to see many clownfish swimming around and going about their daily business when you take a dive in a reef. Clownfish come in several different colours but you won’t be able to mistake it when you see it.


You might assume that all sharks are killing machines, but actually, many of the species we see in our waters are harmless to humans. If you do for a reef tour this year you will be able to swim alongside nurse sharks and reef sharks, both of which are stunning creatures and will likely come to investigate who you are when you enter the water. They are naturally very curious creatures and will always come up to take a look when new people come into their space. Don’t worry though, they won’t bite!

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Top Reasons To Go For A Reef Tour This Year

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