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Top Things To Do In London

Top Things To Do In London

Heading to ‘the big smoke’ and stuck for things to do? Check out this extensive list of top things to do in London and you won’t be disappointed.

There are many cities in the world that you should probably make haste to visit, however not all cities have been created equal. London is the city of vibrancy, of late nights and early mornings, of creatives, of people trying to make it and those that have made it. London is a mixed bag of the highly expensive and the absolute bargains. But if you’re planning a trip, where are the places that you should be heading to?

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The Parks

There are a lot of big beautiful spaces in London; they’re well maintained and clean.  One of the most visited ones is Hyde Park. Not only does this park have some historical significance, as it is where the Suffragettes held many protests and demonstrations. You can spend some time going paddle-boating and swan spotting in the Serpentine if you need to see some water

Hampstead Heath, not only is it a substantial welcoming space for dog walkers, runners, and picnic partakers, but you’re likely to spot Parakeets and Muntjac deer. Again, if you have a longing to hit the water, the men’s and women’s pools are open all year round but are pretty nippy even in the summer – so be prepared!

Super touristy, but one of those places you really should check out if you’re in central London, Green Park. With plenty of striped deck chairs to relax on, it is a favorite spot for people looking to get some fresh air while they eat their lunch. It was opened in 1826 and is somewhat of a favorite for commuters and tourists alike.

The oldest Royal Park, coming in at a massive 183 acres, home to foxes, deer, and well over 70 species of bird is Greenwich Park. Boasting six tennis courts, and a child-friendly boating lake and well as having The Royal Observatory on site it’s one of those places that you really should be seeing. Head here if you want to spend a day relaxing and strolling on the green.

Shopping in London

Another big reason head to London is to shop till they drop. The most well-known being Oxford-street. Hosting over 300 stores, outlets, and shops. From Selfridges to local designers and boutiques, if you want to spend money on it – you’re going to find it.

If you have some serious money to burn, then Bond Street will be your home. And if you’re looking for something expensive and shiny it’s home to Tiffany & Co and Cartier.

If you aren’t in the mood for rubbing shoulders with high society, then try Covent Garden for a mix of everything. Stay a while and try some of the coffee shops, restaurants or delis. It also has a few markets – Apple Market for artwork and accessories, East Colonnade for handmade goods and Jubilee Market for a bit of everything.

Camden is hailed as one of the best places to shop for everything from punk clothing to fantastic street food. 

Food in London

London is full of really good restaurant! If you would like to try a raw-centric vegan restaurant, you will find very good offers at the Wild Food Cafe. It taste and look amazing!

If you are more into fried food, then try The temple of seitan! There frequently is a queue at their door, and for good reasons! They are famous for their fried dishes and the mac ‘n cheese.

travel guide to london
Image Credit: Temple Of Seitan

And if you fancy something sweet: Cookies and Scream are known as the best vegan bakery in the entire city – it would be a shame to miss out on those treats. But you may also try the cakes at Romeo’s!

Culture in London

The Barbican Art Gallery, it plays host to some significant exhibitions from world-renowned artists, as well as acclaimed architects, photography and the Barbican Curve – home of new art commissions.

The Saatchi Gallery, it is all about the contemporary. And, if you happen to be a person who says they don’t ‘get’ it as an art form, then it would be worth your time to pop in. It hosts artists you will rarely see in any other gallery.

Take in a show, with so many theatre options in London; you’re going to be hard-pressed not to find anything that wouldn’t pique your interest any night of the week. Just remember to book early for top-rated shows.

As well as the firm favorites, London is host to events ranging from Frida Kahlo pop-ups to outdoor movie screenings in the summer. The street food is phenomenal, and the people and atmosphere are alive and electric.

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travel guide to london


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