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Do you need some web space to showcase your work? Guest Posting for a travel blog will give you the opportunity to showcase your work and build a new audience. Our travel magazine has a wide audience across the internet and social media. We will get your guest post out there to a whole new fresh set of eyes.Round The World Magazine Travel Blog guest post

We accept guest posts from everybody providing the content is relevant to our niche.

What type of guest posts are we looking for?

We are looking for high quality guests posts that include a lot of pictures. It is important for both parties that you submit your best material, we will not accept existing posts from another website to copy and paste onto our own database.
If your blog guest post is accepted by our reviewers, we will include a link to your website, also known as a back-link.
We are an online travel magazine and we are looking for the following subjects as a priority:


We are looking for high quality travel blogs with useful information. How to save money, how to cross a border, tips for transport, etc, etc.

  • Photo Essays
  • Travel blogs
  • How to spend time in a certain place (i.e. How to spend 3 days in Goa)
  • Destination Guides
  • Accommodation reviews
  • Transport reviews
  • Equipment reviews

LGBTQ+ blogs

We aim to eliminate prejudice within the LGBTQ community and educate our readers on life within the LGBTQ community.

  • LGBTQ literature/TV/Movie Reviews
  • Life as an LGBTQ person
  • Struggles of LGBTQ community members
  • LGBTQ event reviews

Vegan blogs

We are proud vegans here at Round The World Magazine and we aim to provide a global database of all things plant based.

  • Vegan restaurant reviews
  • Vegan recipes
  • Travel related Vegan blogging – i.e. Life as a backpacking Vegan in India
  • Vegan destination guides


Due to a high amount of low quality submissions, we are only looking for unique and useful content for our readers.
Personal opinions should not be included in the content, we have a wide and diverse audience who are looking for useful travel, vegan or LGBTQ+ information on our site.
All links back to publisher websites must be related to travel, veganism or LGBTQ+ websites.
If our guidelines are not met, we will send a rejection email with advice on how to improve the post.


Please submit Guest Posts in Microsoft Word or PDF format along with attached JPG/PNG images.

Do I Get Paid?

We cannot pay you in cash but we can give you valuable credit for your work. We will include links back to your website below each image you include and at the end of the blog guest post.

Guest Post Policies

  • Material must be original, we cannot accept previously published content.
  • The travel blog guest post content must not be used on your own website or any other website. Google’s search algorithm does not value duplicate content. We will run a plagiarism test to ensure this content doesn’t show up elsewhere on the internet.
  • You must be the copyright owner of the content, and by submitting your material, you are giving us publication rights.
  • You must provide credits with every image or your guest post will be rejected.
  • We love pictures, our audience love pictures, please include a lot.
  • A minimum of 4 photos must be provided with every blog guest post. They should be at least 600px width and not stretched. There is no maximum.
  • All content must be sent in an email to [email protected]
  • Though we will promote your material to the best of your ability, you will be encouraged to promote your blog guest post through social media.
  • You must provide your name and website link that you would like to be used as a backlink in your blog guest post.
  • You must provide a small bio that will be included at the bottom of the blog guest post.
  • Write with the intention of being seen by thousands of people. Keep it real and keep the quality high.
  • We may digitally adjust your photo to optimize the user experience.
  • We cannot include content that goes against our ethics, this includes suggested activities that cause harm to animals such as zoos, hunting, fishing, leather attire and non-vegan food.

Amendments to a Guest Post

We reserve the right to edit blog guests posts should we feel it necessary for our audience. The changes are usually minor and are mostly focused on the visual quality. We may change the title for SEO, enhance images and change the layout so it matches the theme of our site. All changes are for the better for both parties.

Submitting Guest Post

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of guests post ideas and we aim to reply to all submissions within 14 days.
We are also looking for regular bloggers who are looking for free hosting space online to showcase their content.

Please send all submissions with images to [email protected]

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