May 2, 2017
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Vegan Eats: The Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles

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They say a picture paints a thousand words and that’s all we need to prove that the Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair is heaven on earth for a hungry vegan.
Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles
30,000 attendees enjoy the 150+ vendors that gather every year in North Hollywood for a day long celebration of all things vegan. The vendor stalls offer everything from awareness and information centers, to creative arts and cool slogan rich attire.
North Hollywood, California

Street performers are present all day at the fair giving it the intentional carnival atmosphere. We saw live rappers, stilts, dancers and hula groups on every stretch of the Fair.
Performers at the Los Angeles vegan street fair, California

We put on our favorite pro-vegan clothing and headed into a street full of fun, food and cruelty-free vibes.
Round the world magazine, vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

Of course no Vegan Street Fair would be complete without the presence of those who we fight to protect, the fur babies. We saw SO many pooches strutting through the fair, some wearing their own vegan apparel, and we relished in watching them surrounded with the animal loving vibes from the nearby humans.
Two cute baby goats were literally jumping around with their human parents, happy and free from harm.
Goat at the vegan street fair Los Angeles, California

The Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles took us on a culinary journey of a lifetime. Every food and international cuisines you can think of was present at the fair and we wish we had two stomachs to enjoy everything.
Vegan dog, vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

Vegan dogs are the real deal, they’re super filling and tasty and they abide by the carnival theme of the VSF.
Vegan hot dog, Los Angeles, California

Of course, the Vegan Street Taco van and all stalls Mexican had enormous lines of hungry Californian customers. Mexican cuisine is super popular in the city of Los Angeles and there were so many vegan options being offered by the vendors, who were cashing in on their popularity.
Vegan Taco van, Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles, California

No Vegan Street Fair in the USA would be complete without a national junk food staple, the Corn Dog. We waited 45 minutes for this bad boy and can tell you right now that it was worth it! The vegan corn dogs were immensely popular on the day, and rightfully so. The texture on the outside was soft and crispy and the filling was perfectly tender and tasty. Hopefully they’ll stock more next year as they seemed to struggle with the surprising demand!
Vegan corn dog, Los Angeles, California

Vegan pizza made an appearance which is always a good idea, and at $3 a slice, it was very reasonable!
Vegan pizza and corns dogs, Los Angeles, California

Whole Foods had their own vendor stall and were offering the famous Beyond Meat burgers, which were succulent and juicy. They also offered fresh coconut drinks that seemed to sell out half way through the day.
Fresh coconut at vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

The Grilled Cheese truck was parked by the end of the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles, and they were offering their full vegan menu.
Grilled Cheese Truck, vegan grilled cheese, Los Angeles, California

The hardest part was decided what to select…
Grilled Cheese truck vegan menu, Los Angeles, California

We went for the Grilled Mac and “Rib” Melt and can only say it was simply out of this world!
Vegan Grilled cheese, van at Los angeles vegan street fair, California

Just look at that filling!
Grilled mac and rib cheese, los angeles vegan street fair California

We spend a lot of our days hunting Instagram for the best vegan eats across the world, and LA is always way up there in terms of creative and cruelty-free gastronomy.
Donut Friend is one of the most well know vegan eateries in the city and we were thrilled to find their stall at the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles.
Donut friend food stall at the Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles, California

Unfortunately, we were too late to bag ourselves a full-sized donut, but we got to sample a couple of minis instead!
Vegan donuts, Los Angeles, California

Many clothing vendors flock to the Vegan Street Fair to offer their quirky, meaningful and incredible items. Well known vendors who were present at the Fair were Beet X Beet, Herbivore clothing and Vegetaryn. We got to meet everybody and they were all super friendly and helpful.
Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles, California

Low and behold, just when we thought the food couldn’t get any better, and we loosened a button on our shorts, we spot the India Jones Chow down truck.
India Jones street truck vegan Indian food Los Angeles

After spending time in India, we know how precious and popular their ‘Frankies’ are, and we hadn’t seen a ‘Frankie’ offered anywhere outside of the homeland of wonderful spicy foods. We literally ran to the line of the India Jones truck to experience our first ever vegan Frankie.
Vegan frankies, vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

Of course we had to throw a couple of samosas in there too!
Vegan samosas, vegan street fair Los Angeles, California

The India Jones truck has won awards for their vendor food, and the owner has appeared in magazines, which is proudly displayed by the ordering counter.
India Jones indian vegan food, Los Angeles, California

The Frankie and Samosas were almost like the delicacies we had at street food stands in Delhi and Mumbai, only they tasted better, lighter and were 100% animal friendly!
Indian street food at the vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

The Vegan Street Fair LA is held at North Hollywood, aka NoHo, which is home of many of the rich and famous. Lots of celebrities made an appearance on the day. We spotted a whole handful of vegan celebrities including:

Chris from the Vegan Zombie
Vegan celebrities at vegan street fair Los Angeles, California

Robert Cheeke of Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness, and trainer to the stars Vanessa Espinoza of Plant Based Muscle.
Robert Cheeke, Plant based muscle, Vegan Street fair Los Angeles

Robert was really kind to us and gave us a signed copy of his book after we expressed an interest in body building and healthy vegan meal plans.

Robert’s book, ‘Shred It’ is brilliant, it contains everything you need to start a fitness regime on a plant based diet.
Shred it binds together images and instructions on how to do exercises for all parts of your body, exercise plans, home work outs, recipes and case studies on inspirational professional vegan athletes. He truly is an inspiration and a super sweet guy!

You can buy a copy of the book on Amazon here:

It was super cool to meet the one and only Vegan Fat Kid, aka Tim Moore, who is a popular influencer within the vegan world. His Instagram account is inspirational and his frequent and mouth watering updates displaying his food choices have attracted a cult following across the LA and global vegan scene.
Vegan travel card, Los Angeles, California, round the world magazine

He was really happy to help us promote our Vegan Travel Card, and he even kept one for himself!
Vegan fat kid round the world magazine, Los Angeles, California

Enjoy the celebrations of the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles, and remember the most important part of the day is the cause and the reason why we’re all there. For the animals, for the people and for the planet.


Make the most of your day at the annual Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles and follow these tips to ensure you don’t miss out.

GET THERE EARLY! Seriously, the VSF starts at 11am and the food and drinks sell out very quickly. You will also be contending with enormous lines of people during mid to late afternoon.
Queues at the Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair, California

HYDRATE! You’re in the high hills of California and it’s hot! There are hydration stations scattered around the Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles so take advantage of the free water.
Crowds at the Vegan street fair, Los Angeles

Many stalls sell out within a few hours and that’s no fun when you’re a hungry vegan looking for a fix.
Sold out vegan street fair signs, Los Angeles, California

Unsold food is discounted towards the end of the fair. Look out for special offers such as $3 vegan dogs!
Discount vegan dogs, vegan street fair, Los Angeles, California

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Vegan Eats: The Vegan Street Fair, Los Angeles

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