The Real Italian Experience: 3 Places To Visit In Italy

3 Places Where You Can Find The Real Italian Experience

When you think of Italy, you’re probably thinking of Venice and Rome. They’re both incredible cities with so much to see and do but a lot of people go there and then don’t return to Italy because they think they’ve done it all. The truth is, Italy is a varied country that has so much more to offer. Even if you’ve done Venice and Rome, you’ve only scratched the surface. These are some amazing Italian destinations that you probably haven’t considered before.

Amalfi Coast

3 Places Where You Can Find The Real Italian-Experience
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If you want to spend the week relaxing on the beach but you don’t want to go to a commercialised beach resort filled with tacky touristy stuff, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is ideal. This beautiful coast does attract quite a lot of tourists but it hasn’t lost any of its original charms like a lot of other European beach destinations. You can visit the town of Sorrento, the birthplace of the world famous Limoncello and sample some in the very place that created it. The town of Amalfi itself has some beautiful architecture, particularly the Piazza del Duomo, an incredible cathedral covered with an intricate stonework design that is sure to impress. When it comes to beaches, there are a lot of great ones along the Amalfi coast but the best one is Maiori; there are some great cafes and shops where you can buy refreshments and you aren’t too far from the town of Amalfi either.


3 Places Where You Can Find The Real Italian Experience
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Milan is another of the famous Italian destinations that is often oversubscribed with tourists. But if you want a similar experience without all of the crowds, Bergamo is a good choice. It’s a quaint, romantic little hill town where you can explore cobbled streets and sample some gelato from one of the local family owned shops. It’s also a great base to stay in because you’ve got easy access to the surrounding countryside in Lombardy and the Italian lakes. The Piazza Vecchia is the central square in Bergamo where you’ll find some traditional cafes and restaurants in beautiful buildings. They often host events and local festivals here as well so it’s worth checking if there is anything on while you’re there. The Basilica of St. Mary is another sight that you can’t miss. This awe-inspiring cathedral has two amazing porches decorated with intricate hand painted ceilings. Bergamo offers the same as a lot of the more well-known Italian destinations without all of the tourists.


3 Places Where You Can Find The Real Italian Experience
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If you’ve flown to Venice, chances are you landed in Treviso and then travelled from there but did you think about stopping? Most people don’t which is a real shame because the place has a lot to offer. This small walled city has lots of tight cobbled streets and tiny canals like you’ll find in Venice. If you like Venice but you’re after something a little quieter, Treviso is the best place for you.

The well-trodden tourist destinations in Italy are still worth visiting but if you want a more authentic experience, head to one of these places instead.

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3 Places Where You Can Find The Real Italian Experience

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