48 Hours in Rhodes

Rhodes is the capital of the fourth-biggest Greek island, and is popular with tourists everywhere. This place sure is intensely beautiful, rich in dramatic history evident with the landscape.

If you’re looking for some 21st-century indulgence, Rhodes is the perfect place to visit. There are some beautiful beaches, hikes, monuments and numerous shops and restaurants.

If you’re island hopping or visiting a few different places and unsure of what to do in your short time in Rhodes, we have some suggestions of things you will be able to see and do in 48 hours. Enjoy!

Rhodes in Greece
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Get An Incredible View Of The New Town

Take in panoramic views of the new town from the northern tip of the quay protecting Mandraki Harbour. This is where the ‘Colossus of Rhodes’ apparently stood for a short time, which was once a wonder of the world.

Go Hiking

There are many hiking routes you can take in Rhodes, where you can take in some of the amazing scenery and sites. There is an exciting hike you can take from St Paul’s Gate, walking west along Ippoton. Carry on from here along the south side, and you can see numerous monuments.

Lindos Greek Temple Rhodes
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Have A Drink On The Top Deck

Exploring will make you thirsty, so head to the top deck of Kontik, a bar floating in Mandraki Harbour. Have a drink here before dinner and enjoy the stunning views and surroundings.

Time For Dinner

There are many places you can eat, but Romios is extremely popular. You can eat inside or outside on the patio, and the local cuisine is delicious and seasoned perfectly.

Finding Suitable Transport

If you want to make sure you’re not struggling to make it around Rhodes in your short time, you have a few options. Buses are the cheapest way to get around but not the quickest method. There’s taxis and boats, or you can checkout car and motorcycle rentals. If you want to rent a car in Rhodes, make sure you have all of the paperwork and things you need before you arrive. It could be a good idea to arrange it before your trip.

Rhodes Greece
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Take A Walk In Monte Smith

Monte Smith refers to the west of the walls of the Old Town, and is named after a British admiral, Sir William Smith. Have a stroll through the remains of the stadium, and don’t forget to explore the the amphitheatre and the temple of Apollo.

Exploring the Old Town and Museums

You can definitely consider the Old Town as its own unique museum due to its historical monuments and architecture, although it’s an outdoor activity, it’s worth checking out. When you’ve exhausted this, you could plan to see the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. You’ll go back 2,000 years and understand more about Rhodes’s culture. Bits and pieces are cluttered, but stick with it.

What else is there to do in Rhodes? Tell us in the comments below

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48 Hours in Rhodes
48 Hours in Rhodes

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