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5 Tips For Stress Free Travel

Practices To Keep You Calm And Grounded While Traveling

Traveling is a way for many people to breath and be free, but it can sometimes traveling can be stressful. We have some great tips to help you obtain stress free travel and remain grounded and calm so that you can enjoy every second of your adventure in a more relaxed way.

Everyone deserves a regular vacation to relieve themselves of the stress and pressure of daily life. Once in a while, we need to be spontaneous, eat unknown delicious food, explore unfamiliar streets, talk to local people and immerse to different culture, all of which are good for the soul. But traveling, especially when it’s become too frequent can be overwhelming. There is a tendency for an individual to lose themselves.

Traveling is an opportunity to expand your horizon and broaden your thoughts about various things in life. The downside of traveling though is that it can get busy. Jumping from one busy airport to another. Being amidst crowds of people. Moving from one strange place to another and people come and go. At the end of the day, when all these combine, you can get pretty stressed.

It helps if you can keep yourself grounded and sane throughout your journey. Here are a few habits that will keep you grounded on your long vacation and help you have a stress free travel experience.

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1. Practice Deep Breathing

Breathing is one important component included in all meditation around the world. The reason why we give a good sigh of relief whenever we are in a stressful or anxious situation is because our body wants to breathe. Something as simple as deep breathing can help relieve your stress and anxiety in any situation including traveling.

Furthermore, deep breathing exercises will help you have a calmer and more focused mind. A calm and focused mind will allow you to go back to the original reason for your vacation. It will keep you reminded that all is good.

2. Stay Hydrated

There’s a lot of things happening in our body when we are high above the clouds and frequent flying can negatively impact our health if we aren’t careful. Whether it’s a short or long-haul flight, it is inevitable for someone traveling far, a flight is a must. Frequent flying can cause the following:

● jet lag
● nausea
● deep-vein thrombosis
● bloating
● dehydration

The best and most practical solution to combat this adverse effect of flying is to stay hydrated. You can level up this solution by adding lemon or some sort of herb of your choice.

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3. Carry Your Favorite Charm

Carrying your favorite charm is a good mental and spiritual way to keep yourself grounded and well. You don’t need to believe in the power of crystals, stones, and charms to gain this benefit. It could be a rosary, bible, a necklace from your mom or anything sentimental. As long as you have something to carry that has some sort of sentimental value to you is effective. Being with it or looking at it can and will instantly bring you comfort.

4. Bring Something That Feels Like Home

Carry with you something that reminds you of home. Any item that brings you back the feeling of comfort and homey can help you stay grounded and sane. It could be your favorite pillow, your favorite towel, your favorite shampoo or lotion. I personally bring along gadgets, specifically a streaming stick. It sounds funny, but when I get to see and be able to catch up to my favorite series I still feel like I’m close to home. Sometimes you’re traveling to be away from the norms of home, but during times of stress, a sense of feeling ‘at home’ may bring you just the comfort you need.

5. Live In The Now

The usual culprit for stress when traveling is thinking about the future. Setting expectations and thinking about the possible things that can happen in the near future can result to great stress and anxiety, especially when things don’t go as you expected. The solution? Live in the now. Live in the present moment and cherish every experience laid out in front of your eyes. This can sometimes be easier said that done but try the breathing techniques to remind yourself that you’re here right now in this present moment. This is one of those stress free travel tips that can be applied to every day life too.

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Let us know your Tips For Stress Free Travel in the comments below

We hope that these practices will lead you to stress free travel on any trip you take, enjoy your travel adventure, you deserve it!

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5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

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