8 Places For The Most Beautiful Sunsets In Mumbai

Best spots to watch the sunset

There is nothing more beautiful than the view of the sunrise and sunset. In modern-day lifestyle, witnessing a sunrise has become a matter of luck. Sunsets in Mumbai are some of the most magical in the world and experiencing one, provides that much-needed tranquillity to the body and mind amidst all those hustle bustles of life.

It’s like an opportunity to connect with the soul, driving attention from the materialistic ups and downs. If you’re interested in ways to reconnect and balance out your energy, check out these top places for sunsets in Mumbai.

best sunsets in Mumbai
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1. Marine Drive

Marine Drive presents an incredibly parallel view of Mumbai’s swashbuckling life, and the soulful feel of a sunset. It’s like the place showcases the picture of both perspectives of life in a quite distinguishing way. Hanging out at the Arabian Sea is a favorite thing to do among couples.
If you’re looking to watch a sunset in a vibrant location with a bustling atmosphere, then head to Marine Drive where you will not be disappointed.

2. Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is another favorite amongst couples and is indeed one of the best places for sunsets in Mumbai. You can enjoy the delicious street food that is on offer here or if you want a more exclusive sunset experience, head to Gadda Da Vida, which is recommended for couples looking for a little bit more of a romantic feel. Either way you will be presented with a spectacular view of the Mumbai sunset.

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Juhu Beach Mumbai
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3. GirgaumChowpatty

GirgaonChowpatty is considered one of the best and safest beaches in Mumbai, as well as of entire India. If you feel like you’re lacking positivity and enthusiasm in life and need an escape from you’re stressful regular lifestyle, paying a visit to this place would be a fantastic recommendation. Along with the amazing experience of sunset, the place exemplifies the true, vibrant attitude of the Mumbaikars.
The parks here provide the perfect opportunity for couples to take a stroll. There are also many food stalls and eateries that provide the most authentic taste of Indian street foods. This place, especially during sunsets, has been the most heavenly hub among many creative minds.

4. Versova Beach

Versova beach holds the reputation of being the cleanest beach of the city, as well as the entire country. It is one of the most loved sunset points in Mumbai. This spot is a perfect spot if you want somewhere peaceful to watch the sunset in Mumbai. Head here to feel more relaxed and free, enjoy the tranquility and allow your mind to be open and creative.

sunset in Mumbai
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5. Bandra Fort

This is one of the most iconic destinations in Bandra, and of course one of the finest destinations to spend the sunset hours. Bandra Fort is a place that provides a feel of a contemporary metropolitan lifestyle of Mumbai at the background of a scenic natural sunset. There is not a lot to see other than the sunset, but those lucky enough to travel here can enjoy the skyline towards South Bombay.

6. Aer

If you want a more exclusive spot to watch beautiful sunsets in Mumbai, Aer is the perfect spot. It is an open-air rooftop bar at the Four Seasons hotel where you can enjoy your favourite beer or cocktail while watching the sun go down in the distance. It is also popularly known as the ‘Sky Lounge.’ The spectacular scenes of Mumbai skyline can be enjoyed here and the best part is that it provides the most stunning view of Haji Ali Darga has well.

Aerial View Arabian Sea Mumbai
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7. Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens provide the most captivating landscape along with the perfect view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. If you are tired of the city life and need a scenic destination to press your refresh button, this place can be amazing. As well as it being a good spot to watch the sun disappear, these stunning gardens are one of the most famous attractions in Mumbai.

8. Dadar Chowpatty Beach

The sand here isn’t great so it’s not the best spot to hang out by the beach all day, but it’s a great location to watch beach sunsets in Mumbai or for running. It’s ideal for those who want to take advantage of the sea breeze and cool off after a hot humid day and admire the giant view of the Bandra Worli Sea Link.

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Most beautiful Sunsets In Mumbai

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