The Best Australian Gay Clubs and Nightlife Spots

Congratulations on voting ‘yes’ to gay marriage, Australia!

In November 2017, the vote was decided as a ‘yes’ for gay marriage in Australia, which is great news for the LGBTQ+ community!
Australian gay marriage legalized

The best spots for Australian gay hookups this season

Are you wanting to know the best Australian gay clubs and nightlife spots? You are in the right place. We have collaborated with Eva to come up with this list of Australian gay hot spots including the best gay bar in Melbourne, top gay areas in Sydney and the best gay places in Brisbane.

Australian summers bring the heat, tourists, plenty of sunshine and inevitably, rising libidos too. With all that bare flesh being flaunted on the streets and beaches of Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and the Gold Coast, any gay man could be forgiven for going a little guy crazy.

Why not! After all, the sizzling weather is just begging for a sultry fling or two, and you only get one chance to be young and free. For those of you looking to get promiscuous this summer season, here are some great hookup spots around the country, where you can indulge your impulses.

Oxford Street in Sydney

Sydney’s famed “Gay Golden Mile” has been a fixture for the gay community for decades, and it’s seen protests, parades and a whole lot of illicit behavior in that time. While the locality still houses one of the largest gay populations in the country, recent years have seen it lose some of that reputation and luster. Nevertheless, if you’re heading out in the city then you have to make a stop at Oxford Street, as this is where you will find the best gay bars in Sydney.

Start off the night at Arq, one of the biggest and baddest Australian gay clubs you’ll find. This spacious club takes up two mammoth floors and comes complete with an ear-blasting sound system. The parties regularly go until 4 A.M, with the dance floor populated by a plethora of twinks and muscles alongside the occasional drag queen mixed in.

After you’re all danced out, head down to Sydney Sauna with your partner to after party in style. This sprawling venue comes complete with luxurious steam rooms and saunas, and includes dedicated private rooms, cruise areas and movie lounges if you’re looking to mix your debauchery with a little entertainment.

For more gay dating information as well as popular locales in the Sydney area, just talk to any of the local inhabitants and they’ll steer you to where the party is.

Sircuit Bar in Melbourne

Melbourne was once a relatively quiet suburban community, but the last couple of decades have seen the city explode into a diverse, stylish metropolis offering a slightly more cultured scene than Sydney.

Recent years have seen one club take over the gay nightlife in the city and that’s the Sircuit Bar on Fitzroy. Open Wednesdays to Sundays the club offers pool competitions and drag shows every week. The massive bar area is staffed by an array of the finest gay men around and the revolving theme nights mean you might run into a cowboy one week, and a leather clad Dom the next. For a perfect capper, visit the cruising area on the second floor, you don’t even need to leave the premises to finish off the night on a high. The Sircuit bar truly is a top choice if you are searching for a gay bar in Melbourne.

Fortitude Valley in Brisbane

Brisbane might seem a relatively minor footnote after visiting cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but with 2 million inhabitants, it definitely doesn’t suffer from small town syndrome. In fact it is home to a thriving gay community with nightclubs and hookup locations to rival any other city. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the diverse after-dark offerings of Fortitude valley, home to Brisbane’s renowned red light district.

Check out The Den if you’re looking to have some fetish fun. The venue comes complete with lockers, sling rooms, showers and cruise mazes; with a wide range of outfits, toys and videos on offer.

If the organic approach is more to your liking, then check out The Wickham, the most popular gay and lesbian bar in the Brisbane. For a casual hangout, there’s an outdoor café, a giant courtyard, and endless pool tables; but if you’re looking to dance then wait for the weekend when the laid-back bar turns into a massive dance floor.

Author Bio:Eva Davies is a writer and marketer for Full Steam Australia. When she’s not working, she spends time shooting street photography, making homemade videos and cookies, and writing poems.

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The Best Australian Gay Clubs and Nightlife Spots

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