Flights to Australia – Top Layover Destinations

Flights to Australia – The Top Layover Destinations

Are you booking flights to Australia and need some inspiration of where to take a layover on the way? Check out these top layover destinations to tick off bucket list favorites.

Bucket listing is a thing these days, with people making lists of things to do before they hit certain ages in their lives. For most, the biggest thing to do on their bucket list is travel as far away as their budget can take them, and for a lot of people, this is to Australia. Australia is a day away on a flight from the UK, and while that doesn’t sound like a long time, it’s between twenty-four and thirty hours of time spent in the air, not including stops and rest breaks.

Although Australia is quite secluded on the map and isn’t within close proximity to it’s neighboring counties, people still love to flock there to take an adventure of a life time. The time difference flips Australia on its head compared to a lot of the rest of the world, and the time spent getting from A to B often means getting from A to B while landing in D, E and F as well. Only the bold, brave and downright busy fly directly to Australia long-haul and should never be attempted by those who really need the break on the way to the land Down Under. The good news here, is that airlines all over the world are offering flights to Australia with interesting and exciting stopovers.

Most of the time, a stopover is one that is long enough to enjoy a meal, a shower and a stretch of the legs while the plane refuels. Your luggage doesn’t often come off the plane, but it gets a thorough clean and you get a chance to breathe in the air in an airport in a new country. If you’re planning a trip across to Australia and you want to do more than stretch your legs, then you need to think seriously about a stopover that lasts a few days instead of a few hours. Sure, you have an ultimate destination, but if travel features on your bucket list, then it makes sense that you see as many places as you possibly can on your way to the end destination.

So, with all that in mind, if you’re taking a long haul flight from Europe to Australia, check out these top stopover destinations for inspiration.


With the array of fantastically beautiful sights, attractions and street food to die for, Singapore should be top on your list when it comes to stopovers. You not only get the chance to stay in a Singapore apartment right in the thick of the action, you get to experience the culture and the beaches that are endless.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Singapore
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Singapore is one of those places that people from the West overlook, but you really shouldn’t. Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures are the feature in Singapore, and with such a perfect clash of cultures, you get a buffet of modern and hi-tech hotels, museums and galleries to sample alongside the impressive restaurants and bars. The best thing about Singapore is the fact that it can suit every budget, whether you are looking to rest your head for a couple of days and see all the free sights on offer, or you are looking to book into a spa resort and have only the best in mind. Singapore has something for everyone, as it’s a small island that is massive on entertainment. Festivals and nightlife are high on the agenda, and you can find so much for the kids to do while you wait to get back on the last leg of your journey.

New York

You don’t have to go to Australia via the east, if you don’t want to. There is a route via New York. You’ll fly for approximately seven hours to New York, then you’ll go onto Sydney, which can take 21 hours. New York is one of those cities that everyone wants to visit at least once, and there are way more than three reasons why. Broadway, historical sights like the Statue of Liberty, shopping in Manhattan, Central Park – you name it, New York has it. Foodies will love the authentic New York pizzas and pastas on offer, and those who want to be somewhere that is full of culture and has more than its fair share of history, New York is the place to be. All of those ‘movie’ places to be seen can be, and with only a couple of days needed, you should pack in a visit on the Staten Island ferry. New York has never looked so amazing than when you’re stopping there temporarily on the way to getting across the world.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations New york
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On your way to Australia, you may want to stop and breathe a different air. Kicking back and seeing the beach should be high on the agenda, and Bali is not short of beaches. You’ll fly from London directly to Bali, before heading onto Perth. Bali boasts some of the best beaches in the world, and the most upmarket area to visit is Nusa Dua; miles and miles of white-sugar beaches for those looking to lounge for a few days and enjoy the area. If you want to explore, then head to Kuta; there’s a vibrant and exciting nightlife along with the beautiful beaches on offer. When you want to see scenery that is varied and exciting, you’ll love Bali. Volcanoes, rice paddies and even the most exotic temples are on offer to be seen in Bali, and the accommodation is affordable and nice to stay in.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Bali Sun set on beach
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To get to Tokyo from London, you’re looking at a fifteen-hour flight before another almost ten hours to Sydney after that. This is the place to stop to stretch your legs, even though the exotic expanse isn’t particularly obvious at first. The first thing that you may notice upon leaving the airport is the mass of traffic, the hustle and bustle of people and the noises of the city. The skyscrapers are super imposing, but they’re as impressive as they come, and the Japanese gardens dotted everywhere contrast them spectacularly. If you are looking for somewhere to head with the children, Tokyo has a Disneyland for you all to enjoy, and you can head over to Ginza to see the latest and greatest gadgets by Sony.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Tokyo at night
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It may take a further thirteen hours to get to Sydney from Dubai, but it’s worth it. Dubai is the place to be when you want some luxury. It may be unofficial, but the hotels are said to be rated as seven-star due to dripping in opulence. The shopping facilities are second to none and the beaches are simply divine. There are casinos with a view, rollercoasters in the sky and the chance to ride camels in the desert is not to be missed. Stopping over in Dubai gives you a chance to fill your suitcase and dine in some of the most luxurious restaurants around.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Dubai
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There is not a traveller in the world who doesn’t want the chance to kick back on a beach with the Indian ocean as the backdrop and Mauritius is the perfect place to stop when you want to see the blue skies endless against the sea. With the world’s third largest coral reef a sight to be seen, Mauritius is also one of the places to be in the world for kitesurfing. Those who want to see a little culture, you’re in for a treat, as Mauritius is uniquely put together with African, Chinese, European and Indian cultures to experience. You can fly directly into Australia from here after your stop but be sure to take some time stretching out on the sand. You’ll not see anything like it in a hurry unless you stop again on your way back.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Mauritius
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This one is a little broader, as you can stopover in both Shanghai and Beijing on the way to Oz. The best bit about stopping here in China is that you don’t need a visa to do so if you’re staying for less than 72 hours. You won’t be able to leave your arrival city, of course, but why would you want to when each city is uniquely equipped with tons to do. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, historic hutongs and the amazing Jade Buddha are all sights that should be bucket-list worthy. China is a place that should be on your list of must-see places in your life and it’s a great place to stopover.

flights to Australia - Top layover destinations Shangahi the Bund
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Are you taking a flight to Australia and know any top places to layover on the way? Share it with us and fellow travelers in the comments below

Travelling to Australia is an adventure in itself but it’s a journey that takes a lot of time and effort. Stopping off along the way is a smart decision, because while it may be convenient to go ahead and stay the course of a very long flight, the travel is draining. Breaking up the monotony of a flight with cultural experiences, awesome food and a myriad of attractions is the way forward. The only problem? Choosing where to stop! The options are many and varied, and you need to make the choice that is right for you and your family. Sit down and start your research: you’ve got a stopover to book!

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Flights to Australia - Top Layover destinations

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