A Vegan Buffet Exists and it’s in Stockholm!

The only vegan buffet in Sweden

After landing in a sub-zero and beautifully pictureque Stockholm, within hours we were on the hunt for the finest vegan food Sweden’s capital had to offer. Our unbelievably helpful hosts over at City Backpackers couldn’t stress enough how good Herman’s was, in fact, Herman’s vegan restaurant is famous across the city for their unique offering, the all-vegan buffet.
Hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
Situated on the banks of the water with an incomparable view of the city, we were thrilled to be invited down to what turned out to be one of our favourite vegan experiences on our trip.

It’s like we died and went to plant based heaven!

History of Herman’s

Officially opening its doors in 1992, Herman’s used to be a vegetarian restaurant until 2015. A renovation of the kitchen made the owner rethink the entire restaurant’s offerings and from that moment, Herman’s only sold plant based foods.
Front entrance, hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
This was a welcome change for the existing and new customers who fled through the doors every single day of the week.
Hermans vegan buffet restaurant, stockholm, sweden
The vegan desserts (mostly raw) have been plant based since 2007.

The Restaurant

The restaurant itself has a beautiful ambience, a mellow and clean feel with good vibes and a variety of curious and established customers who fill up the comfortable seating areas.
Reception area, hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
The restaurant is open 11am to 10pm every day and the buffet is served until 9pm. Choose a lunch or dinner buffet with prices starting from 135kr.
Hermans vegetarian and vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
Herman’s slogan ‘Give Peas a Chance’ is not only apt in a vegan context, it serves a welcoming message to a peaceful environment. Pictures of iconic artists line the walls on the entrance to the premises.
Hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden, entrance
Not only are Herman’s 100% vegan, they’re also super eco-frienly. They recycle all waste including all the scraps and food waste which is turned into bio gas.
Hermans vegan buffet, stockhom, sweden
During the summer season May-August, Herman’s open up a huge garden with 250 seats that have an amazing view of Stockholm. The BBQ is an extra highlight during warm summer evenings.
Outdoor seating area, Hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
Drinks and desserts are not included in the buffet but they’re reasonably priced and super delicious, a perfect way to end the experience is with a tea or coffee and a good slice of cake.
Coffee, Herman's vegan buffet, stockhom, Sweden
Herman’s also sell their own merchandise in the restaurant with quirky vegan based slogans and wonderful souvenirs to take home with you.
Hermans vegan buffet memorabilia, stockholm, sweden

The Vegan Buffet

Everything that is served at Herman’s Restaurant is prepared from scratch in the kitchen. That’s from the cakes right down to the protein dishes, they make their own faux meats!
Hermans vegan buffet stockholm, sweden
If you haven’t heard of Oumph yet, it’s a Swedish made protein used in many vegan restaurants and it’s even available in the frozen section of many supermarkets. Herman’s make their own version and it’s so convincingly ‘chicken-like’, we had to double check with the waiter. Chicken-like but without the murder and the grease!
Oomph, vegan food in stockholm, sweden
We met with the super creative chefs who told us they love the challenge of turning any regular Swedish or international dish into a plant based masterpiece.
Hermans, stockholm, sweden
The most popular savoury dish on the vegan buffet is the vegan lasagne with Herman’s homemade bechamel sauce.
Lasagne, vegan food in stockholm, hermans buffet, sweden
We can vouch that it’s the freshest and most flavourful lasagne we’ve ever eaten.
Vegan lasange, hermans, stockholm, sweden
The most popular dessert at Herman’s is the chocolate cake, but how do you choose when you have a colourful display of sweet temptation in front of you?
Hermans desserts, stockholm, sweden
Hermans is an organic certified restaurant and they pride themselves on creativity and diverse offerings to the buffet every day. The menu changes often and no two visits will be the same.
Vegan food in stockholm, Sweden
The buffet will often include a section of hot and cold dishes, salads and sauces.
Potato salad, hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
vegan food in stockholm, sweden, hermans buffet
Vegan buffet at hermans, stockholm, sweden
Vegan food in Stockholm, sweden
Vegan buffet, hermans, stockholm, sweden
Vegan food stockholm, sweden, buffet
As well as freshly baked bread.
Bread at Hermans vegan buffet, stockholm, sweden
Vegan Tapenade (Puréed olives, caper, and olive oil) and house made margarine.
Swedish vegan food, hermans, stockholm, sweden

The rainbow like appearance of the organic vegan buffet assures a healthy and tasteful option at every plateful. Try everything, if your stomach can handle it!


Herman’s has a dedicated Chef that invents and creates their dessert menu. Desserts aren’t included in the price of the buffet but at around $5 a piece, they’re exceptional value for money.
Hermans vegan desserts, stockholm, sweden
One of our favourite desserts that we sampled was the saffron infused tart. A tart typically offered by non-vegan restaurants around Sweden, the explosion of saffron and the clean taste made this one of the best vegan desserts we’ve ever tasted.
Raw vegan safron dessert, hermans, stockholm, sweden
The dessert offerings vary each day and it’s a delight to see so many options that cater for different palettes.
Vegan dessert, stockholm, sweden, hermans buffet
There’s even a raw section for those wishing to opt for a healthier option.
raw vegan desserts, stockholm, sweden
We cannot stress enough that you must must must visit Herman’s restaurant in Stockholm, vegan or not, everything is fresh, home-made, organic and simply exquisite.
Vegen desserts, stockholm, sweden

Round The World Magazine Rating

How can we give our first ever experience of a vegan buffet anything other than 6*?!
Round The World Magazine 6 star rating hostel review
Herman’s has something for everyone and to be 100% vegan, eco friendly and zero waste, makes this place extra special, so we recommend a visit to all of our readers. We can’t wait to go back.

For more information on Herman’s Vegan Buffet visit their official website.

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Herman's vegan buffet stockholm sweden

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