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How much would it cost to travel the world for 13 months?

‘How much would it cost to travel the world?’

The question we’re asked the most.

Since returning from our first 13 month round the world trip, we have been asked ‘how can you afford to travel like that?’ ‘how much did your world tour cost, it must have cost a fortune?’ or ‘how did you save up to travel the world?’

We all have a part of us that wants to travel, it’s in our blood. By exploring new places and experiencing new sensations, you are truly living life to its fullest.
The main aim of our blog is to help and inspire our readers to fulfill their dream to travel.

The two biggest barriers facing those who want to travel are usually fear and/or money. Some people fear leaving a comfortable and ‘settled’ lifestyle in exchange for a life on the road.
Whatever you doubt, we can reassure you that if you decide to travel the world, it will be the best decision you will ever make in your entire life. Fear will be lost when you minimalize and leave your life behind. Every day travelling is a whole new adventure.

If your fear is financially related, we’re here to reassure our visitors and we have provided budget breakdown that will show the cost of travelling the world.

Here is a detailed summary of how much is cost for 2 people to travel the world based on our experience:
376 Days on the road
28 Countries
80 places

Accommodation costs

Without making an active effort to couch surf or house sit often, we mixed and matched hostels, hotels and camping across the world.

Accommodation Type Nights Total Cost (2 people) Average Nightly Cost (2 people)
Hostel 76 £1,962 £26
Hotel 147 £4,758 £32.50
Motel 12 £410 £34
Apartment 51 £1,722 £34
Guesthouse 16 £482 £30
Camping 19 £305 £16
Sleeping in the car 3 FREE FREE
Sleeping in the Airport 1 FREE FREE
Staying with friends and family 9 FREE FREE
Hotel loyalty Points 23 FREE FREE
House Sitting 5 FREE FREE

Accommodation total = £9,639 (2 people)

Cheapest Hostel

Guatemala, Hostal El Portal de Semuc Champey – £10 per night for a double room.

Cheapest Hotel

Beijing, China – Jade Garden Hotel – £12 per night for a double room.

Cheapest Motel

Las Vegas, USA – Americas Best Value Inn Motel £25.50 for a double room.

Cheapest Apartment

Crete, Greece, Anna Maria Village – £11 per night

Cheapest Guesthouse

Budapest, Hungary, Deep Guest House – £15 per night

Cheapest campsite

Backcountry camping in Yellowstone National Park –
Not only was this the most exciting place to sleep but it was also the cheapest at £4 per night. This was the cheapest ‘paid for’ accommodation but we did have 41 free nights of accommodation during our travels due to loyalty rewards from credit cards.
Picture of Wilderness camping Yellowstone National Park USA Road Trip

Transport costs

Flying really took a big bite out of our budget, even with a stack of airline miles.

Transport Type Total Total Cost (2 people) Average Cost (2 people)
Flights 17 £3,174.40 £186.72
Bus – International/Interstate 23 £1,100 £47.80
Bus – Internal/Domestic 48 £430 £8.95
Train/Underground – Internal/Domestic 50 £494.60 £9.89
Taxi 18 £184 £10.20
Boat 14 £218.65 £15.60
Car Hire 31 £832 £26.80
Tuk Tuk 2 £4 £2

Transport total = £6,437.65 (2 people)

Cheapest Flight

Gran Canaria, Spain – Austria, Vienna £21. We used BA points for this flight and the £21 was for taxes.

Cheapest External Bus

Bratislava, Slovakia – Budapest, Hungary £14

Cheapest Internal Bus

Hong Kong 80p

Cheapest Train

Shanghai, China £1

Cheapest Taxi

Nashville, Tennessee 50p Uber ride, due to free credit.

Cheapest Boat

Hong Kong 50p

Cheapest Car Hire

Nashville, Tennessee £17

Cheapest Tuk Tuk

Hong Kong £1

Food and drink costs

Of course, you have to eat during your travels and this was the smallest part of our budget though we could have dined cheaper if we had tried harder.

Food and Drink Type Total Total Cost (2 people) Average Cost (2 people)
Eating Out 269 £4,227 £16
Supermarket 194 £1,791 £9
Nights out (Alcohol) 74 £768 £10

Food and Drink total = £6,786 (2 people)

Cheapest Place to Eat out

There are many cheap places to eat in every city of the world, here are some destinations where you can enjoy a cheap meal out.

Here are the average meal prices per person when eating out-

  • Austria, Vienna£4.50
  • Barcelona, Spain£6.50
  • Krakow, Poland£5
  • Prague, Czech Republic – £5
  • Cancun, Mexico – £4.50
  • Tokyo, Japan – £7
    Supermarket shop

    Look at the difference in price of eating out and buying from the supermarket.
    Purchasing groceries from a supermarket is a great way to save money when travelling the world. An average meal eating out for 2 people can cost around £25 but choosing to eat in can save you 80% on your travel food bill.

    Cheapest beer

    Tulum Mexico £1

    Additional costs

    Additional Cost Type Total Total Cost (2 people) Average Cost (2 people)
    Entertainment 36 £763 £21.19
    Excursions 34 £1,261.50 £37.10
    Tips 6 £16.50 £2.75
    Laundry 14 £67.50 £4.81
    Extras 71 £941 £13.25
    Gas 16 £256.50 £16
    Entrance Tax 1 £5 £5
    Visa 1 £110 £110

    Additional costs total = £3,353.50 (2 people)


    Entertainment costs include the following activities-

  • Gambling in Las Vegas,
  • swimming in thermal pools in Iceland
  • Theme park rides in Vienna
  • Ice hockey game tickets in Bratislava
  • Roller-skate and bike hire in Santa Monica
  • Tickets to gay pride events
  • Universal Studios tickets
  • Bike hire in San Francisco
  • Zip lining in Las Vegas
  • Ice skating in Chicago and Central Park NYC during winter.
  • Excursions
  • Excursions include the following activities-
  • Northern lights in Iceland
  • Entry to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  • A South Shore Adventure in Iceland
  • A trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland
  • Entry to the Colosseum in Rome
  • Top deck tickets to the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Brewery tours in the USA
  • National Parks entrance fees
  • Tours of Mayan ruins in Central America
  • Volcanoes trips in Guatemala
  • Entrance to Forbidden City in China
  • A day trip to the Great Wall of China.
  • Tipping

    This includes some tips, the majority of tips were included in with food and drinks costs.


    We took advantage of free laundry when house sitting and in Air Bnb accommodation.


    This included costs of sending parcels home, a train fine in Berlin, costs to use the toilet in Europe, toiletries and medication, memorabilia, jewelry and clothing.


    The only visa we required on our world trip was for China. We applied for this and collected it at the embassy in Hong Kong.

    How much would it cost two people to travel the world for 13 months?

    The answer is £26,216.15
    This is a rough guide of how much it cost 2 people to travel the world for 376 days to 28 Countries.

    How much would it cost one person to travel the world for 13 months

    That is just over £13,000 for 13 months of travel.

    How much would it cost to travel the world for 1 month?

    This would average out to cost £1000 for one person to travel for one month.

    How much would it cost to travel the world – Average daily cost?

    The average daily cost is around £69 for 2 people or £34.50 per person.

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    How much would it cost to travel the world?


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      1. Thanks so much, hope your planning goes well and you live your life to the fullest. Please let us know if you have any queries, we’d love to help any way we can.

    1. Loving this, will be stalking now for all the tips haha just need some more pennies but going to be planning our trip real soon thanks xxx

      1. Any time you need to know anything just ask us, we’re trying to be as transparent as possible. This breakdown was without really trying to save money so it can definitely be done cheaper. Happy planning xxx

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