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Top flight accessories for long-haul travel

6 long-haul flight accessories to keep you comfortable through your journey

If you’re planning a long haul flight, be sure to pack these flight accessories to make your journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Some items can help you sleep better and beat jetlag, while others maintain circulation even when you’re stuck in one position for hours. A number of travel necessities can even be used in your daily life!
Here are 6 carry-on travel essentials that can help you stay comfortable and healthy during long flights:

1- Travel Pillow/Neck Pillow

If you want to avoid a sore neck and painful kinks, a neck pillow is the perfect travel accessory. These pillows can be used in multiple positions, supporting your neck, chin and head so you stay comfortable and enjoy better sleep during your flight.

Inflatable pillows are great if you don’t have much spare room, since they can be folded or rolled up to occupy very little space. You can also choose a design that includes a pump, for quick and convenient inflation anywhere. Structured memory pillows are another option to consider if you have a little extra space in your carry-on travel bag.

For those on a long travel stint, check out the best travel pillows for long haul flights.

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2- Copper Compression Socks

Compression wear is great for frequent travelers and those taking a long haul flights. Graduated compression boosts blood flow and helps to reduce swelling, muscle fatigue and circulation problems in legs and feet. To enjoy even further benefits during longhaul air travel, consider copper-infused compression socks.
Since copper has powerful antimicrobial properties, it can help keep your feet safe from bacterial or fungal infections. Copper compression socks also enhance thermal regulation and skin health, preventing cold feet, itchiness and dryness while you travel. They’re self-sterilizing, so you can pack lighter as well!

Flight Accessories Copper Compression Socks
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3- Sleep Masks/Eye Masks

Eye masks block out light to boost the production of melatonin, a chemical produced by our brain when it senses complete darkness. Melatonin causes higher REM or rapid eye movement, which leads to better sleep. Try padded sleep masks for comfort, or copper-infused masks for maximum benefits.
Copper peptides (proteins with copper ions) are used in moisturizers and beauty products to boost skin health, reduce wrinkles and relieve tired eyes. Copper sleep masks offer the same benefits in a more affordable form, reducing jetlag, insomnia and dry skin during longhaul air travel. This is one of those flight accessories that comes in handy for any type of traveler.

Flight Accessories Eye Mask
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4- Portable Travel Organizers

You don’t want to be rummaging through your carry-on bag at security checkpoints and check-in counters for important documents such as your passport. Travel organizers can keep everything easily accessible, saving time and energy at departure and arrival time as well as during the flight.
Along with an organizer for your cards, passport, keys and pens, you should also pack toiletries, glasses or contact lenses (and lens solution), face wipes and other essentials in separate bags that you can reach easily at any time.

5- In-Flight Entertainment

Ask any traveler about their travel must-haves, and tech gadgets will probably top the list. Your laptop, tablet and phone can make even a long haul flight go by in a flash, especially when you load them with movies or TV shows you haven’t yet watched.
Keep chargers for these devices in your carry-on, along with a portable battery pack and multi-plug for international travel. Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones to drown out cabin, engine and passenger noise. Board games, books, magazines, mini-puzzles, notepads and pens/pencils can also help keep boredom away.

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6- A Change of Clothes

In the rare event of airlines losing your luggage, you don’t want to be stuck with the same clothes you wore throughout the flight, so pack an extra carry-on outfit just in case. You can also change into fresh clothes at the airport at arrival or during a long layover.
Choose comfortable clothing that you can wear for a few days if needed, and don’t forget clean underwear and socks. Antibacterial copper clothing is a good option for this, since it’s self-sterilizing and won’t cause smelly feet or body odor even when worn multiple times!
Whether you travel by air frequently or this is your first time, these travel necessities will make your journey much easier.
Flight Accessories for Long Haul flights

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Kunal has always been fascinated by the workings of the human body, and how natural solutions can help combat health problems. He believes we need to stop using antibiotics and other short-term, chemical-laden treatments, and instead focus on sustainable and affordable alternatives that harness the power of natural materials like copper. The young entrepreneur is passionate about his work with copper-infused materials, and you can reach him at [email protected] or visit and see what the company has to offer.

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Top Long-Haul Flight Accessories

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