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Royal Holiday – Activities in Cape Cod

Your Royal Holiday Vacation To Cape Cod – Top Summer Activities

Royal Holiday Vacation club offer memorable trips around the world to destinations such as Mexico, the USA, Puerto Rico, Aruba, France, Canada, the list is endless. This seasons focus is on the beautiful Cape Code, England.

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If you love the physical beauty of the New England coast and can’t get enough sun and sand, Cape Cod is the perfect destination for a summer trip. With its mild days and cool nights, Cape Cod is the perfect place to lay around on the beach, dine in splendor, and spend evenings walking up and down the promenades watching the sunset. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or spending a little “me” time on the Cape, there are plenty of things you can find to keep yourself culturally engaged, relaxed, and invigorated, from the beaches to the many small galleries that line the Cape’s southernmost tip, to the exquisite drinking and dining spots on offer. If you book with Royal Holiday Vacations Club, you’ll be placed in a prime location for exploring all the beauty and wonder the Cape has to offer. Before you go on your Cape Cod vacation, here are a few things you should definitely plan to make time for.

Provincetown By Night – A Leading LGBTQ Community

While the southernmost strip of Cape Cod, known as Provincetown, is a beautiful, quiet stretch of land by day, it positively lights up at night, when locals come out to play. After a relaxing dinner at one of Ptown’s many first-class restaurants, you can take a long stroll down to the very edge of the promenade and check out tons of small, independent art galleries as you go. Local drag performers are likely to approach you to promote their latest show.

So if you’re looking for entertainment you won’t have to look far. In Provincetown center, there’s a small movie theater offering some of the latest hits, which is a must see. There’s also the Wellfleet Drive-In, specializing in 50s-style in-car entertainment and double features. This is located near Royal Holiday’s Hyannis location, Cape Winds Resort, and its Mashpee property, the Cape Cod Holiday Suites. In Provincetown, you can ogle art, taste freshly-made saltwater taffy and admire the sunset at the end of the pier. Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to pique your imagination in Ptown.

Herring Cove By Day

One of the most beautiful beaches the Cape has to offer, Herring Cove is a sun-kissed paradise for anyone who simply can’t spend enough time in the sun. Featuring a road that allows you to drive straight up to the beach, prevents a ton of walking and unloading in the hot sun.
Herring Cove is also great for families who have a lot of stuff to carry and need to make frequent trips back and forth to the car.

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You can lay in the sun, enjoy food and ice lolly carts on the beach, and maybe even catch a beachside wedding or two if you’re lucky. For relaxation, perfect warm waters, and that bona fide Cape Cod feeling, there’s nothing like dining and relaxing at Herring Cove during sunset, followed by a long walk on the shore. Even if you’re not the romantic type, you’re sure to fall in love with one of the Cape’s most mellow and aesthetically astounding beaches.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re experiencing a bit of June gloom during your stay, or even a slightly overcast day or two, one of the most beautiful sights available can be found on the Moors in Provincetown. Located only a short drive away from both the Cape Winds Resort and the Cape Cod Holiday Suites, the moors are defined by their Wuthering Heights-style atmosphere of tall grass waving in the wind and a long stone jetty that extends out onto the water.

Cape Cod Pier, Royal Holiday
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Guests are encouraged to walk all the way out to the tip of the pier for a truly breathtaking view. See if you can spot a few sand crabs on your way, while you absorb the fresh scent of the salt air in the early morning. This is a perfect warm-up for a day of hiking or biking on one of Cape Cod’s many beautiful trails.

If you’re interested in something a bit more athletic, rent a bike and spend a day riding through the famous Cape Cod Rail Trail, Province Lands, and Head of the Meadow in nearby Truro. If you’re interested in camping out on the beach, a quick drive to Truro will allow you to pitch a tent and spend the night by the light of a beachside fire. If you really want to rough it, try biking through some of the Cape’s famous off-road trails to get a better glimpse of native wildlife.

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