Six Tips for a Safe and Smart Canada Trip

Tips for a Canada Trip

Thanks to ETA, if you belong to one of the Canada eta eligible countries, you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months. But, exploring a large country that is Canada, even 6 months may seem insufficient. The best way to ensure you make the most of your trip is to come up with a kickass travel plan in advance.

While picking a few locations to fully explore on your trip makes sense, you would want to know some basic things about Canada to set yourself up for a hassle-free traveling experience. It’s time to start taking notes!

Know Which Clothes to Pack

The climate and temperatures tend to vary across Canada so you should consider doing some research before traveling. Typically, winters never seem to leave Canada and so, you would want to pack the winter essentials carefully, especially if you are planning a trip in the winter season.

Make sure you pack multiple layers of warm clothes, accessories including a hat and scarf, waterproof jacket, and good-quality snow boats.

Six-Tips for a Safe and Smart Canada Trip

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Visa on Arrival

To enter the country successfully, many nationalities including the U.S. require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). Hence, before planning a Canada tour, you should consider checking if your country is among the Canada eta eligible countries.

Not only is an ETA  inexpensive but it can also be obtained by simply filling out an application form online. Make sure you apply for an ETA well before your flight date.

Beware of Petty Crime

It is not uncommon for thieves to have an eye on hotels and tourist attractions, particularly in large cities, as vacationers are always deemed the easy targets.

To protect yourself and your valuables against petty criminals, you should consider carrying only a photocopy of your passport with you while exploring the country, leaving your original passport in the hotel. Moreover, it is also helpful to not leave your luggage in sight even in parked cars and any valuables even if the vehicle is locked.

Have Travel Insurance

Nothing says Canada like skiing and snowboarding adventure!

And these thrilling yet risky activities are one of the main reasons you should purchase travel insurance before visiting Canada.

Ensure Your Safety in National Parks

The stunning national parks are one of the greatest tourist attractions in Canada.

If you are visiting the country in the summertime, you should know that grizzly and black bears are typically found roaming in the parks, which can be potentially dangerous.

Thus, when you visit a national park, make sure no food items are visible to the stalking bears. In addition to this, consider disposing of garbage, using airtight storage containers, and cooking away from campsites. Building a good knowledge base on bear safety also helps.

Emergency Numbers

No matter which country you are in, it is always crucial that you are aware of the emergency numbers. While Canada’s emergency number is the same as that of the United States i.e. 911, for non-emergencies, you can dial 311 in areas, such as Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Halifax.

If you are a foreign national, belonging to one of the Canada eta eligible countries, do not forget to apply for an ETA before planning your trip.   

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