Aug 2, 2017
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Vegan Eats: Tocaya Organica, Los Angeles

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Vegan review of Tocaya Organica

If you’re looking for a fresh and healthy Vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, look no further than Tocaya Organica. Though the restaurant isn’t entirely vegan, there are many vegan options listed on the extensive menu in and they have multiple locations in one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world.
Tocaya Organica, Vegan restaurant, Los Angeles, LA, California
Tocaya Organica use the highest quality and certified organic ingredients in their food and pride themselves on their fresh Mexican themed ambiance with an al fresco feel.


Tocaya Organica have restaurants across the city of Los Angeles including Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Playa Vista and Sunset Plaza (West Hollywood).

There are also restaurants in South Beach Miami, San Diego and Westwood.
Click here for the most up to date list of locations.

The Tocaya Organica Menu

Tocaya Organica clearly label their vegan options with green symbols on their menu and there are plenty of sides, main dishes and drinks to choose from.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California
They work on the concept of Protein and Queso (Cheese). Customers select a Protein and a Cheese to add to any of the dishes on the menu.

Vegan Picadillo
A pea-based protein with carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes & tomatoes.
Chipotle-Dusted Tofu
(Gluten free and spicy)
Organic tofu, sautéed with Spanish olive oil and chipotle powder.

Vegan Mozzarella
(Gluten Free)
Made with tapioca & arrowroot
Vegan Chipotle Jack
(Gluten free and spicy)
Made with tapioca, arrowroot and chipotle

Choose your Vegan Protein + Vegan Queso and add to the following:
All salads are vegan (minus the honey dressing on the ARUGULA & HONEY LIME)

All bowl fillings are vegan.

All Taco fillings are vegan, be sure to substitute the butter lettuce taco shell.

Choose from: wheat, flour, tomato, or jalapeño tortilla
Substitute the scrambled egg with scrambled tofu.

Salsa Trio
(Gluten free and spicy)
pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa & diablo salsa
Guacamole (up-charge may apply)
(Gluten Free)
pomegranate seeds, lime pepitas, jalapeño, cilantro & house-made crispy plantain chips (corn chips by request)
Barrio Fruit Bowl
(Gluten free and spicy)
Tossed in lime and chipotle powder
Sweet Potato Hash
(Gluten free and Spicy)
With vegan jalapeño jack, chia seed and chipotle
Quinoa Salad
(Gluten Free)
Cucumber, diced red onion, roma tomato, cilantro & citrus vinaigrette
Black Beans
(Gluten Free)
Topped with vegan mozzarella
Spanish Rice
(Gluten Free)
Roasted Cauliflower
(Gluten Free)
Corn or Plantain Chips
(Gluten Free)

Cinnamon Chia Pudding
(Gluten Free)
With whipped cream (ask for vegan), vanilla & blackberries

Tocaya Organica have a free water dispenser inside the restaurant that is infused with citrus fruits.
They also have a wide selection of vegan drinks including a delicious Cucumber Mint Limeade, Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and Rose Petal Iced Tea.
A range of alcohol is served including a variety of Wines and Mexican Beers.
Check out the full menu here.

Special Offers

During Happy Hour at Tocaya Orgaica, customers can take advantage of the ‘buy one get one free’ offer on tacos (at $3.50 each).
A bottle or beer or a glass of wine is also on offer during Happy Hour for $5.
The Two Tacos plus Two Sides offer is available all of the time for $10.95 (check the online menu for latest offers).
Happy Hour runs from 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday.

What we ate

We’re not going to lie, we might have visited Tocaya Organica more than once during our stay in Los Angeles. Four times to be exact, because we loved it so much.
We were literally getting a banquet of food every time for less than $25 between two people.
The 3pm to 6pm Happy Hour brought us back almost every week day while we were in town.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, Venice Beach
The FAJITA BURRITO is enormous. We recommend the VEGAN PICADILLO protein and VEGAN CHIPOTLE JACK CHEESE if you like it spicy.
The Protein + Cheese is stuffed inside a fresh jalapeño tortilla along with sautéed poblano peppers and onions in sweet chipotle, with Spanish rice, black beans, vegan chipotle crema, guacamole and pico de gallo.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, Mexican

Needless to say we couldn’t move afterwards.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, burrito
Try the SALSA TRIO on the side, 3 pots of tangy, cooling and spicy salsa is served with a basket of corn chips. This is more than enough for two people.
The SWEET POTATO HASH is so light and delicious, full of chia seeds and organic goodness with a delicate hint of chipotle spice.
Sweet Potato Hash, Tocaya Organica, Los Angeles, vegan
Grab a GUACAMOLE side to help cool your mouth down. The Guacamole is served with pomegranate seeds, lime pepitas, jalapeño, cilantro & house-made crispy plantain chips (you can request corn chips).
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, Chips and guac
Tacos are a staple food of Los Angeles, a city of Spanish Heritage, there are signs for tacos almost everywhere and Tocaya Organica sure know how to set the standards high. The fresh taco shells are clean tasting with a scent of freshly baked goodness. They are stuffed with one of four fillings of choice:

CALI GREEN (sliced onion avocado vinaigrette)
BARRIO STYLE (tomatillo salsa, avocado, diced red onion & cilantro)
THE EVERYDAY (pico de gallo, roasted pepper salsa & cilantro)
BAJA CHIPOTLE (shaved cabbage, sweet chipotle sauce, cilantro & vegan chipotle crema)

We opted for THE EVERYDAY and BAJA CHIPOTLE with the Vegan Picadillo and Vegan Mozzarella in one and the Chipotle Dusted Tofu and the Vegan Jack Cheese in the other (left to right).
Vegan tacos los angeles, Tocaya Organica, best vegan restaurants
We can’t imagine there being a better Vegan taco in Los Angeles.

Online ordering

The best part about Tocaya Organica is the online ordering service. Hungry and lazy people can get fresh Mexican food delivered to their door or orders can be scheduled for collection.
Tocaya Organica online order, Venice beach, Los Angeles
See the online ordering service here.

Round the World Magazine Rating

Tocaya Organica is our favorite Vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles and one of our favorite vegan restaurants around the world. The fresh ambiance, super friendly and knowledgeable staff and delicious organic food made our time at Venice Beach unforgettable.

The food was so good, we went back four times!

We reward Tocaya Organica our Round The World Magazine 6 STAR RATING.

Round The World Magazine 6 star rating hostel review

Guests with with food and beverage allergies, especially to nuts, garlic and soy, are urged to exercise extreme caution and consider avoiding dining at Tocaya Organica. The restaurant are not liable for injury caused by allergic reactions to guests.

The Tocaya Organica Menu and Special offers are subject to change, please check the website for current details.

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Vegan eats Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica

Do you recommend any other Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below.

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