Top Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions and Tips

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is the smaller and cheaper sister of Universal Studios Orlando.
Universal Studios Hollywood attractions
If you’re looking to see the top Hollywood attractions, you can find them all in the heart of the hills above the bright lights of Los Angeles and behind the gates of Universal Studios Hollywood. We have derived a list of the top Universal Studios Hollywood attractions that make the park magical and memorable, but first, we want to give you some valuable tips before your visit.

Tips for Universal Studios Hollywood

Buy cheap Universal Hollywood tickets in advance, click here and visit Attraction Tix for the best rates.

  • It is usually only around $10-20 more for a two day ticket (check Attraction Tix above).
  • If you’re wondering how long you will need to see Universal Studios Hollywood, we recommend a minimum of two full days in the park.
  • Free drinking water is available everywhere within the park.
  • Every ride and attraction is free with admission tickets.
  • Divide your day into the Upper and Lower lot attractions, the gap between them is a 10-15 minute ride on the escalator.
  • Visit Universal City Walk after the park, there are no time limits apart from regular shop/restaurant closing.
  • There is a free shuttle bus to the park from the Universal City/Studio City Metro Stop.
  • Dressed up characters in Universal Studios Hollywood can not accept tips for photographs.
  • Sit on the right edge of the Studio Tour cart for the best view of Jaws, Wysteria Lane and Normal Bates.
  • Sit on the left edge of the Studio Tour cart for the best view of the King Kong explosion and flash flood experience.
  • Check the schedule for the shows as soon as you’re in the park and plan around them.
  • The best time to queue for the Studio tour is just before closing.
  • Protect your electronics on water rides, always ask the park stewards if you’ll get wet.
  • Take time to enjoy the views of the surrounding Hollywood Hills.
  • Can you see the Hollywood sign from universal studios? No.
View of Hollywood Hills from universal studios hollywood
Embrace the surrounding views
Lower Lot, Universal Studios Hollywood
Do the lower lot in one go to avoid the long journey

Our top Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions

The Simpsons Springfield

Even if you’re not a hardcore fan of The Simpsons cartoon, Universal’s full replica of the fictional town of Springfield has something for everyone. Side show bob prison springfield universal studios hollywood simpsons
Visitors can enjoy The Simpsons 3D Ride at the Krustyland fairground that takes you on a simulated digital roller-coaster via an 80ft state of the art dome. The ride take visitors on a bumpy ride through the town of Springfield with most of the characters from the show making a high definition appearance, getting a little soaked when Maggie pops out her dummy towards the end!The digital ride actually starts in the pre-show queuing area.
krustyland universal studios hollywood simpsons 3d ride
If you’re hungry, grab something to eat from the official Krusty Burger fast food.
Buy official Simpsons merchandise at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Kwik E Mart, springfield simpsons Universal Studios Hollywood
Grab Homer’s favorite sweet treats at Lard Lad or pop in the identical replica of Moe’s Tavern for a Duff Beer or a Flaming Moe.
Flaming Moe Moes Tavern Universal Studios Hollywood
We were told by the bar staff that Budweiser offered a lot of money for the rights to Duff beer but Universal wanted to keep it for only three locations in the world, the Universal Studios in Japan, Orlando and Hollywood.
Duff brewery beer garden Universal Studios Hollywood springfield
Grab a non-alcoholic Flaming Moes drink, enjoy the genuine smoke and the fizzy orangeade like liquid, you get to keep the cup too!
Enjoy the Hollywood sunshine at the first Duff Brewery Beer Garden.

Universal Studios Hollywood – Studio Tour

For us, this is one of the Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions that can not be missed. The Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour takes visitors on a 90 minute tour of the movie making backlots and studio buildings.
Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour cart

An open-air trolley takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey of the world’s largest working movie studio. The trolley will pass 13 stage cities across 4 acres of land.
Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour stage sets
TV presenter Jimmy Fallon hosts the video and a live guide will point out all of the attractions during the ride.
Be careful when you pass the water, a famous sea creature will make an appearance and will most likely soak you!
Jaws water experience Universal Studios Hollywood
The Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour also includes the award-winning King Kong 360 3-D. This is probably the most thirlling part involving an earthquake, an exploding truck and King Kong himself. King Kong experience Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
During the Universal Studio Tour, visitors will also see:
The plane crash scene from Tom Cruise’s War of the Worlds.
War of the Worlds Plane crash scene, Universal Studios Hollywood studio tour
The town of Whoville from the Grinch
Whoville from the Grinch, Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
Wisteria Lane from ABC’s hit series Desperate Housewives
Susan Delfinos house Wysteria Lane Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
Norman Bates standing outside the actual Bates Motel from Psycho.
Bates Motel, Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour
and real cars from the Fast and the Furious franchise.
The Studio Tour is completely free with all Theme Park admission tickets and is run on a time schedule. Check the times and allow yourself a couple of hour to experience one of the best features of the park.

The Mummy Returns Ride

The Mummy Returns is a ride for thrill seeking adrenaline junkies. The twist and turns start at the very beginning of the ride when you’re thrown 45mph into darkness at high speed.

Revenge of the mummy ride universal studios hollywood
Image Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood

Hold on tight as you escape the Mummy’s Revenge passing through incredible special effects. Enjoy the screams of others as you wait in line as well as the Mummy themed props and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Waterworld show

The Waterworld show is simply incredible and it is often overlooked as it is near the exit of the park.
Waterworld show, Universal Studios Hollywood
The live show consists of explosive action with a lot of water, fire, fighting, jet-skis and ships.
Waterworld jet ski, Universal Studios Hollywood
A live plane crash happens right before your eyes, you need to see it to believe it. Be careful where you sit, most front row and lower seating areas will get wet!
Fire at waterworld show, Universal Studios Hollywood

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem 3D Ride

This 3D ride is an absolute must for people of all ages. See Despicable Me’s Gru, his daughters and the wild Minions take a hilarious and heartwarming adventure in 3D.
Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Universal Studios Hollywood
The ride starts in Gru’s home where you will be turned into an actual minion.
Extensive Minion training will follow with twists and turns taking you on a trip through Gru’s laboratory.
Of course there’ll be a fun filled Minion-inspired dance party thrown in, leaving visitors wanting more as the ride comes to an end.

Super Silly Funland

Despite how it sounds, Super Silly Fun Land is an attraction aimed at all ages. It’s great for adults who want to cool off during a hot day in LA and kids love it.
Water ride universal studio los angeles, california
The outdoor zone of Super Silly Fun Land is inspired by Despicable Me’s ‘Seaside Carnival’ with more than 80 different water-play features.
Super Silly Funland Universal Studios Hollywood attractions
There is a also dry zone within the area where visitors who wish to remain dry can climb, jump and slide.
One of the best parts of Super Silly Fun Land is the Minion-themed ride, Silly Swirly Fun Ride that allows a 360-degree view of Super Silly Fun Land.
Silly Swirly ride Universal Studios Hollywood

Super Silly Space Killer is located in the fun-land where guests can try for Minion themed prizes and a stuffed unicorn as seen in the movie.
Official Minion merchandise can be purchased here.

Jurassic Park® — The Ride

This is an actual roller-coaster ride on water and it is based on the blockbuster movie, Jurassic Park. Queuing for the ride starts in the jungle where you may catch a glimpse of a rare dinosaur. Jurassic park water ride universal studios hollywood attractions
Visitors will raft along the river in an adventure through a dinosaur ridden jungle habitat.
Jurrasic park ride Universal Studios queuing area
The 84 ft plunge and splash comes immediately after being chased by a T Rex.
A 9-foot Velociraptor waits for the raft to get really close before a fright and the fear continues at the Raptor Encounter on the Lower lot.

Shrek 4D ride

All of your sense will be satisfied in this incredible 4D show based on the animated movie, Shrek. Pop on your glasses and be prepared to laugh, scream, dodge flying things and have your legs tickled by mysterious forces.

Shrek 4D ride Universal Studios Hollywood attraction and tips
Image Credit: Universal Studios Hollywood
The 4D journey takes cinema style seated guests through Lord Farquaad’s Dungeon. The seats will move, and weather elements will be physically felt, it is 4D after all!
The voices of the film’s cast are authentic, Eddie Murphy is Donkey, Mike Mayers is Shrek and Fiona is Cameron Diaz. The Shrek 4D ride in Universal Hollywood is an unforgettable experience for all.

Special Effects Show

This is a stage show taking visitors behind-the scenes to see how special effects are used in movies. Audience participation is encouraged as a Universal Studios expert takes the audience through stunts, practical effects and cutting-edge technology.
Special Effects Show, Universal Studios Hollywood
Learn how sounds are created for movies, and how sights and illusions fool movie viewers to create unforgettable scenes from blockbuster Universal Movies.
Special Effects Stage, Universal Studios Hollywood
If you’ve ever wondered how combat, horrors scenes and zero gravity space travel is simulated, then the Special Effect Show is for you.

Check the schedule of the show and be sure to allow time for it during your day at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal City Walk

Universal City Walk Hollywood is situated right beside the Universal Studios park. The Universal City walk is free for the public to enter and the walkway consist of an array of shops, restaurants and entertainment.
Universal City Walk, Universal Studios Hollywood
Enjoy the Universal Cinema, Noveltiy shops and have a go at the indoor skydiving!

Enjoy all genres of live music at the ‘Howl at the Moon’ and pick up official LA Dodger merchandise at the official Dodgers outlet.

See Celebrities at Universal Studios Hollywood

Check the Universal Studios Hollywood calendar if you want to see some celebrities.

The official website will list which celebs will be filming at Universal Studios Hollywood. Extra with Mario, Charissa & Tracey Live! is filmed in front of the Globe Fountain by the entrance on weekdays.

Buy cheap Universal Studios Hollywood tickets with Attraction Tix, we got our 2-day passes for $60 instead of $90 for 1 day on the door!

For more detailed information on the park, including accessibility and a full list of Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions, visit the Official Universal Studios website here.

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Top Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions and Tips

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