Our Favorite Vegan Food in Los Angeles

Our favorite Vegan Food in Los Angeles

From high-end restaurants to sections of supermarkets, vegan food in Los Angeles really isn’t hard to find.

Malaka Brothers, Venice

A Gyro is defined as protein filling, roasted on a vertical spit, then thinly sliced, topped with onions, and usually served in a sandwich of pita bread and the Malaka Brother have got Vegan Gyros down to tee. Vibrant Venice is home to everything and anything, the hip and artistic vibe has long been an attraction to the vegan community and caterers in the area are cashing in on the demand.
Malaka Brothers, vegan food at Venice beach, los angeles, california
The Malaka Brothers offer a 100% vegan falafel-filled Gyro with fresh salad, ask the friendly staff at the counter to subsititue the meat with Falafel and be prepared to wait while they make it fresh. Be sure to tell them you’re vegan.
Malaka Brothers vegan menu vegan food in los angeles
This was one of our spots for vegan food in Los Angeles.
Vegan gyro at Venice Beach, Los Angeles vegan food in los angeles

Contact Info
Malaka Brothers Menu
Malaka Brothers Facebook Page

Zpizza, West Hollywood

Looking for vegan pizza in LA? Or a late night vegan snack after a wild night in West Hollywood? Zpizza has the perfect solution.
Vegan pizza west hollywood Z pizza, Los Angeles
The Berkley Vegan is available to order all day. Enjoy a combination of housemade marinara sauce, daiya™ vegan cheese, beyond meat™ vegan sausage, roasted zucchini, baby heirloom tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, roasted red onions, bell peppers.
Vegan pizza, the berkley at zpizza los angeles vegan food in los angeles
This is by far the best vegan pizza we had in Los Angeles! Thanks to the super friendly (and funny) staff who served us!
Vegan pizza in los angeles, west hollywood Zpizza vegan food in los angeles
Contact Info
Zpizza website
Zpizza Email address
Phone: 1-949-200-7902

Getty Center Restaurant

One of the top things to do in Los Angeles is to visit the Getty Center in the heart of the hills by Burbank. If you’re hoping to find vegan food at the Getty Center, you’ll find plenty of vegan options at the main restaurant building.
The Getty Center vegan burger, Los Angeles
We opted for the vegan burger with sweet potato fries, everything was vegan and absolutely delicious!
Getty Center vegan food, Los Angeles
Contact information
Getty Center Website
[email protected]
Telephone Number: (310) 440-6810

Crossroads Kitchen, Melrose

Crossroads Kitchen has one restaurant located on Melrose/Sweetzer offering plant-based Mediterranean cuisine as well as the American staple cheeseburger.
Crossroads vegan restaurant, los angeles
What makes Crossroads Kitchen unique to other vegan restaurants in LA is the offering of the ‘Impossible Burger’ where only a few units are sold every day. The ‘Impossible Burger’ is, apparently, the closest tasting burger to the McDonalds cheeseburger, but it’s plant-based and missing all of the bad stuff.
Impossible burger, Croosroads vegan kitchen, los angeles
Arrive early (before the 12 o’clock rush) the grab one to see for yourself, the Impossible burger was delicious, way tastier than anything ever made on the McDonalds menu.
Crossroads kitchen menu, los angeles vegan
The upscale décor and lighting give Crossroads Kitchen a relaxed ambiance, grab something from the extensive cocktail menu, enjoy mimosas alongside an incredibly tasty brunch menu.
Inside crossroads kitchen, los angeles

Contact Info
Crossroads Kitchen Website
Contact Form
Phone: (323) 782-9245

Veggie Grill, city wide

At the 25+ Veggie Grill chain restaurants, the humble vegetable is transformed into the superstar of the menu. Veggie Grill’s creative chefs use seasonal veggies to bring colorful, nutritious and one of a kind dishes to their loyal customers.
Veggie Grill, Los Angeles, vegan review vegan food in los angeles
With locations across California, Washington State and Oregon, Veggie Grill are one of the fastest growing vegan chain restaurants in the United States.
Inside Veggie Grill Los Angeles West Hollywood
Try the Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’ at fall, year round Mac n Cheese or healthy summer salad bowls. Take adventage of the Veggie Grill Reward Scheme everytime you visit.
Veggie Grill review Los Angeles vegan
Veggie Grill in Los Angeles is frequented by celebrities, we saw vegan activits and musical genius Moby dine right beside us during our last visit.
Moby vegan Veggie Grill vegan food in los angeles

Contact info
Veggie Grill Website
Veggie Grill Menu
[email protected]
Contact Form

Whole Foods, city wide

Whole Foods Market is a supermarket chain who only sell foods without artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats and you guessed it, that includes a lot of vegan food offerings. SO many in fact, we had trouble listing them all. You can find anything vegan in whole foods from a vegan snack and salad bar…
Wholefood vegan bar, los angeles
To a full freezer section full of frozen pizzas, ready meals, dough…
Vegan freezer section, Whole foods, los angeles
Vegan Whole Foods burgers, the Beyond Meat range, Sliders….
Vegan freezer section at Whole food supermarket, los angeles
The vegan bakery section is often empty, so get there early for feshly baked cookies, muffins, cakes and donuts.
Vegan bakery, whole foods supermarket, los angeles

Contact Info
Whole Foods website
Whole Foods Market Contact Form

Donut Friend, Highland Park

All of the donuts sold by Donut Friend in Los Angeles are vegan. They’re all completely egg and dairy free. The only thing to watch out for as a vegan is the offering of non-vegan milks for coffee and drinks. What we love the most about Donut Friend is the names of the donuts on offer. You’ll find the like of ‘Chocolate from the Crypt’ – chocolate cake donut topped with chocolate glaze, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and chocolate shavings and the ‘Strawberry Lab’ – a raised donut filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and topped with chocolate glaze.
Donut friend vegan donuts, los angeles
Orders can be placed in bulk and they accept online orders for collection. If you’re looking for sweet vegan food in Los Angeles, don’t miss out on the city’s best vegan donuts!
Donut Friend box, vegan donuts, vegan food in los angeles

Contact Info
Donut Friend Website
Contact Donut Friend
Phone: 213 995 6191
[email protected]

The Butcher’s Daughter, Venice

The Butcher’s Daughter was created by Heather Tierney who now has branches in Venice (LA) and New York. She prides herself on diverse offerings including the Daughter’s staple item, the best avocado toast in the city.
The Butcher's Daughter, vegan food in los angeles
Heather designed the unique interior of the restaurants to infuse what she calls “a blend of feminine and masculine energy.”
Butcher's daughter, vegan restaurant, los angeles
Her design firm outfitted each space as a refreshing take on an old-world butcher shop. Heather loves the dichotomy of using industrial elements (concrete floors, steel metal hooks, heavy iron butcher rails) against softer, earthy materials like beached raw wood, white brick, and greenery growing out of an old chicken coop.
Butcher's daughter menu vegan los angeles
The food on the menu is vegetarian and vegan so always make sure you ask your server, for example, we ordered a cheeseburger and had to replay the brioche bun with sourdough bread.
Vegan cheeseburger, butcher's daughter, los angeles
The food is incredible, generously sized, fresh and creative, our whole experience was elegantly unique and we enjoyed watching the hip and vibrant crowds gather for coffees, cocktails and full-blown three-course meals.
Butcher's daughter vegan burger, venice, los angeles

Contact Info
The Butcher’s Daughter Website
The Butcher’s Daughter Menu
Contact Form
Phone (Venice): (310) 981-3004

Tocaya Organica, Venice and West Hollywood

If you’re looking for the best vegan Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, look no further than Tocaya Organica. Tocaya Organica pride themselves on their signature ‘Modern Organic Mexican’ cuisine and they use fresh and organic produce.
Tocaya Organica, Vegan restaurant, Los Angeles, LA, California
Tocaya Organica have an extensive vegan menu offering salads, tacos, bowls, and burritos full to the brim of traditional Mexican recipes.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, Venice Beach
Try the Vegan tacos, filled with Vegan Picadillo which is a pea-based protein with carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes & tomatoes or a Burrito stuffed with Chipotle-Dusted Tofu and Vegan Chipotle Jack.
Vegan restaurants Los Angeles, Tocaya Organica, California, burrito

Contact Info
Tocaya Organica Website
Tocaya Organica Menu
Contact Form

Original Poke, Venice

Another Venice Boardwalk gem, Original Poke has several vegan options for those looking for a hot day snack on he shores of the Pacific Ocean.
Vegan poke bowls, venice beach, los angeles
If you’re like us and have never heard of a ‘Poke’ or a ‘Poke Bowl’, it is what it says it is, a small pot of food that you poke around for. The Original Poke bowls in Venice can be filled with anything you please, the standard menu item contains quinoa, grated carrot, soy sauce, spring onions and a protein, in our case, marinated tofu.
Venice vegan food, poke bowls, original poke store, vegan food in los angeles
The coffee shop next door, Espresso Yourself, also offer a Vegan Tofu baguette!
Vegan tofu poke at Venice beach Original Poke, los angeles

Contact Info
Original Poke Facebook page

Fala Bar, Venice and West Hollywood

Founded in 2014, Fala Bar takes pride in offering fresh and casual vegan food, made entirely from organic or local produce. Think healthy vegan fast food in a clean and convenient setting. Fala Bar’s menu features healthier versions of comfort foods that are bursting with flavor.
Fala Bar uses no artificial flavors, soy or processed ingredients and uphold their slogans: #FarmToFala and #NoFakeShit.
No fake shit, Fala Bar slogan, vegan los angeles
The portion sizes are enormous and the food is incredibly cheap. The branches have free infused water avalable and customers can order online.
Southwest Burger and sweet potato fries, Fala Bar, Los Angeles
Be sure to try the Fala Bar signature hummus and tahini sauce, remember, EVERYTHING is vegan.

Contact Info
Fala Bar Wabsite
Phone (Venice): 310 399-0809
Phone (West Hollywood): 323 424-7131

Vegan House, Hollywood

Vegan House was one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. Tucked away at the back of the famous walk of fame, Vegan House offers an extensive plant based menu of mostly asian dishes and some American staples.
Vegan House review, Hollywood, California
Not only are the menu items at Vegan House delicious and generously sized, Vegan house is an ideal spot for budget vegan food in Los Angeles.
Vegan House, Hollywood, vegan food in los angeles
Try their signature Soy Orange Chicken with rice and a bottle of Thai imported Coconut Palm Juice or a delicious freshly made smoothie.
Vegan House, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
The averga eprice for a main dish on the menu was $7. The ambience is modest, cosy and relaxed, the friendly staff bend over backwards to help you.
Vegan House, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Contact Info
Vegan House Website
Vegan House Menu
Phone: (323) 962-6195

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Best Vegan Food in Los Angeles

Have you found good vegan food in Los Angeles? Let us know in the comments below.

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