9 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit To Paris

9 Tips for Visiting Paris

Every single person that visits Paris would surely want to make the most out of the trip, no matter how short it is. Whether you visit France’s iconic capital for the first time or you did enjoy the experience many times in the past, it is important to plan. Paris has so much to offer.

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It is practically impossible to visit everything in a week or even a month. This is why the following tips will surely help you to plan the visit better.

Write A List Of Activities

Most tourists have a rough idea of what to visit and for Paris, it is usually the Eiffel Tower. Visiting Paris and just visiting whatever you find there can easily lead to a lot of wasted time. What would be a lot better is to make a list of exactly what you want to do, see and experience. Paris satisfies even the pickiest needs of food lovers, fashionistas and culture addicts. The list you write can help you to prioritize experiences and hit all the hot spots. Then, you can choose an Airbnb rental that is perfectly positioned or a hotel that is closer to what you actually want to see.

Check The Metro Map Before Visiting

In Paris there are 14 metro lines, a rail network and 8 tram lines. Even if you live in the city it can be quite difficult to deal with transportation. If you want to find the best route from one location to the next, you have to be used to the subway map. Mark where you stay and see exactly what the best transportation option is for you based on where you want to go. Do this as in advance as possible and you will save a lot of time.

Get Lost

One of the best ways to experience the unknown parts of Paris is to simply wander off. The idea is to simply go wherever you want to. You will need to have an offline or paper map with you, of course.

tips for visiting paris france
Monmartre steps
However, going off the beaten path allows you to so easily discover numerous hidden gems, day or night, since they are all around the city. Locals will tell you about some wonderful spots that are nearby and the entire experience can be a lot of fun, if you are interested in the local way of living.

Learn Basic French

Even people that know French will tell you that talking in French in Paris is really difficult. This is because the fluency of the locals is not what you see in movies. It is difficult to talk with locals but you should at least try. Learn some of the common phrases so you can start all conversations in a polite way. When you have problems, you can continue talking in English. Locals will appreciate the fact that you tried and that you respect their language.

Be Careful With Pickpockets

Just like in all large cities, there are pickpockets that can appear wherever you are. As a foreigner, it is really difficult to deal with the situation in which your wallet is stolen. When you ride the subway, be sure you are careful as you use the smartphone. If it is rush hour, be extremely careful since crowded areas are preferred by thieves. Risk is always higher in the touristic areas but this does not mean a pickpocket cannot stay right next to you. Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

Choose Where You Eat In Advance

Paris is a paradise for foodies with countless wonderful options that can be considered. This is why you want to plan where you eat in advance. You can thus make the most out of your lunch breaks or dinners. Even your breakfast can be better. Some extra things to keep in mind:
• On Rue Du Montparnasse, all the shops are selling crepes.
• You should avoid restaurants with people trying to get you inside. It is better to choose those that are advertised as “fait maison”. These make food in-house. Others might actually just microwave food.
• When the closing time of a restaurant is 10 PM, seating stops at 9 PM tops, usually earlier.
• Order “crème” when you want a good latte since ordering a “café” means a strong espresso.

Do Not Think You Can See The Whole Louvre In One Day

If you love art, Louvre is definitely on your list but you should never try do visit it in its entirety in just one day. The trick is to choose one of the wings and fully enjoy it.

tips for visiting louvre paris
The Louvre Museum
You will need to dedicate several days to fully enjoy what Louvre has to offer. If time is not available, do seriously consider checking out smaller museums. Some that are wonderful are Rodin Museum, Picasso Museum and Musee de L’Orangerie, just to mention a few.

Visit Flea And Food Markets

There are numerous food and flea markets in Paris and they are all great. However, the best ones are those recommended by locals, like Batignolles during Saturday or Raspail during Sunday. Market streets like Montorgueil and flea markets like in Vanves are simply incredible because of all they have to offer. Also, when you go to many of these, you end up experiencing some parts of Paris that few tourists ever see, allowing you to see a big part of local life.

Buy Flowers

One thing few know about Paris is that it is filled with flower shops. Many of these are just incredible. Buying flowers will not cost a lot and will make your holiday photos a lot better.

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9 tips for visiting paris france

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