Nov 8, 2000
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Round The World Magazine started in Spring of 2016 following a 14-month Leave of Absence from our nine-to-five lives that ultimately turned us into full-time digital nomads. Our website spun out of control after extensive work documenting our own round the world experiences.

Our content is primarily focused on budget travel, off-the-beaten-path experiences, the LGBTQ community, and veganism, topics that we are most passionate about.

Our loyal community of visitors and guest bloggers help us achieve over 7,500 visits/month or 411,800 page views/year. People use our free online magazine to find inspiration on places to visit, hotel and hostel reviews, vegan dining, and global LGBTQ events. We also combine our experiences to provide destination guides and travel tips.

When we’re not updating the site, Katie is an avid fiction writer and Nicola is a drummer. We have worked with niche brands relating to our hobbies and as such, we’re always open to new outreach.

Who is visiting Round The World Magazine?

According to Google Analytics, our main audience is typically women (67%), aged between 25-34. Demographically, 67% of our visitors are from the United States followed by 13% in the United Kingdom, and many other European and South American countries as well as Australia and Asia.

We have a combined Social Media following of around 20,000 across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Flickr.

We are also Level 6 contributors to Trip Advisor where we are #3 of the top reviewers in the UK and have over 46,000 readers.

What We Can Offer You

Brand Partnerships/Sponsorships

If you’d like to partner with us, we offer promotional and marketing campaigns across our website and social media channels. The number of visitors we get is growing every single day and we strive to promote the right brand that fits our niche.

Examples of past collaborations include Hostel/Hotel Reviews, Excursion write-ups, Product Reviews, Restaurant Reviews and LGBTQ event itineraries.

We take professional pictures, create videos, provide rich content and share our work with pride, far and wide across our networking channels.

We aim to increase the number of leads for your brand, whilst delivering a dependable return on investment.

Our current partnerships include: Aerodrum, American Recorder, and Copper Clothing.
Round The World Magazine partnerships

If you’d like to be a future partner, please contact us at [email protected]

As Brand Ambassadors for your business or service, we aim to deliver everything from our standard partnership, plus so much more.
Not only will we increase awareness of your company through constant brand awareness tactics, we’ll also provide you with regular updates on an active campaign.

Cash payment isn’t always necessary, we’ll happily work for a service or product, pay us with a free stay, free meal or free excursion, it’s a win-win.

Mentions, Competitions and Giveaways

If you’d simply like a mention through one of our networking channels, you can reach our loyal followers via our bi-monthly newsletter or through one of our many social media accounts.
We’re open to highlighting your brand to our readers and offering competitions and giveaways of your products or services.
Want a mention or help with promoting a giveaway or a competition? Contact our collaboration team.

Content Writing

Are you looking for bespoke content that relates to your brand? Want somebody to write an in-depth review of your product, hostel/hotel, vegan offerings or tour/excursion?
We have written many blogs and articles on camping experiences, National Park visits, and seasonal listings.
Katie and Nicola are available to write content that is rich in SEO keywords as well the addition of professional photographs using a high-end Nikon DSLR if required.
We can host content on our website providing it relates to our niche as an additional bonus. The Round the World Magazine brand has scope for almost anything.

Examples of our recent review posts:

Snorri's guest house Iceland review
Vegan Eats Native Foods Café, Palm Springs
Bus Hostel Review Iceland
hop on hop off bus los angeles review
Excalibur hotel review, las vegas
LA vegan food review

We will write content on almost any subject, and you don’t have to pay us in cash!


If you’d like to advertise on our website, please contact our Advertising Team.

Guest Posting

If you’d like to Guest Post for us and see your article live on Round The World Magazine, see our Guest Post page.

Any Questions?

We pride ourselves on being informal and approachable gals, so if there’s any other way you’d like to work with us, click on our names for our personal email addresses.

Katie (the aspiring and procrastinating screenwriter)
Nicola (also known as ‘Round The World Drummer’

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