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How Good Can Your Travel Discounts Be?

Travel Discount : how good can it be ?

Budgets are incredibly important for travelling – you need to know you’ve got a good pile of money in your bank account to come home to and continue living your life off of, but you still want to have a fun and enriching time whilst you’re away. It’s a delicate balance to try and achieve, and it’s one we can get wrong about nine times out of ten. Either we take too much money away with us, and have to get our bills exchanged back into currency we can use, or we run out of money on the last day.

So it’s clear we all need some more discounts in our wanderlust filled lives, and it’s time to go off in search of them. No, you won’t need to hop on a cruise or book a flight for this one – all you need is a wifi signal you can regularly rely on.

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Fly at Lethargic Hours

Those hours at 2 or 3 in the morning, when you’d much rather get a couple more hours of shut eye, and then rush to the airport at 6 am. Those hours when there’s no loud kids or harried parents, pushing the airport prices up. The lethargic hours, when taking a plane journey is going to cost you significantly less than usual, and you won’t have to wait too long either.

Start with Free Events

Any city in any country out there is going to have some free events you can put to good use, and you’re going to want to focus on them first in your travel planning. After all, some events are better, or more culturally enriching than others, and it’s these you’re going to want to note down in your itinerary. Only then should you think about schilling out for the more expensive experiences, like hot air balloons over the skyscape of Florence, or booking a specially made cabin in Finland to watch the Northern Lights out of.

And these paid events sound incredible, right? Well, the free events will be too, and are a good way to build up towards a crescendo at the end of your vacation. There will be free museums and art galleries up and down the country you’ve visited. There will be local markets on every day in the towns and surrounding villages. There will be castles and national monuments you can take some great selfie snaps beneath, and pad out your blog or social media pages because of it.

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It’s the free events that can garner you the most experience out of your trip, as long as you know where to find them, and aren’t afraid about asking the locals what ones are worth joining in with either.

What Hotels are Worth It?

There’s a lot of hotels out there, which ones are worth your time and money? Is it the local boutique hotel outside of the city center? Is it the luxury chain hotel that has pride of place in the middle of all the action? Is it the hostel that bunks you down with a couple other travellers, to make sure you’re being social on your travels? Well, it all depends on your own personal taste, and how much money you’re willing to budget this way.

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When it comes to trying to save on travel deals, you can’t approach with a one size fits all mindset when booking your accommodation. But if you’re working off of a strict budget, you’re definitely going to need to avoid chain hotels that have luxury brands stamped on the front – you’re not paying for anything you couldn’t reasonably get in a local BnB that has its own website. Even if you’re not on a budget for this trip, you’re going to want to look more public for the hotel you’re staying in, as it’ll be run by locals, offer local food, and have plenty of local tips and tricks on hand whenever you need them.

There will be a wifi connection, as that’s standard in hotels around the world now, as well as your own ensuite bathrooms and room service whenever you want it. And smaller companies like these are more likely to have a human representative manning the phone, meaning that when you call up, you’ve got a much better chance of negotiating a lower price for a small or medium sized room that’s been empty for a while. Boutique businesses are always out to look busy!

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Don’t worry, your travel discounts can get better and better!

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