Jun 6, 2017
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Vegan Eats: Taco Mazama, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Taco Mazama, Edinburgh

Imagine the tectonic plates of Scotland and Mexico combine in a fierce and furious collision and the resulting outcome lands in the shape of a big fat spicy burrito.
Then you take a long delicious bite and the stars align. You realize you just landed in vegan heaven.

Seriously, Edinburgh’s Taco Mazama is incredible, so much so that we had to write about it.

As two vegans wandering the land of haggis and buttery shortbread, we were a little concerned on what we were going to survive on. We wandered in and out of establishments and found nothing but anti-vegan cuisine. We were starving! We tried our luck with Taco Mazama, a Mexican hideaway on the bustling Princes Street, and low and behold, we saw ‘Vegan Mac n Cheese’ on the menu board!

The Restaurant

In a hip cafe-style setting with an open counter, Taco Mazama is decorated in all things Mexican. Iguanas and enormous tins of re-fried beans are scattered around the small eatery which gives it an exciting feel. The ambiance is mellow, and typical to Scotland, everybody is super welcoming and friendly.
Inside Taco Mazama, Edinburgh vegan eats, Scotland
The menu is behind the counter and the staff are super knowledgeable on vegan eating, which as any regularly frustrated vegan will agree, is a god send!
Taco Mazama, Edinburgh vegan eats, Scotland
There is a toilet at the back and everything was super clean.

The Menu

Burritos, Tacos and Burrito bowls are offered with any choice of filing. The ‘Veg Haggis’, ‘Shredded Tofu’ and ‘Veg Chilli’ are all vegan.Taco Mazama also do Vegan Mac n cheese which was simply delicious.
Vegan menu taco mazama, edinburgh, scotland
Taco Mazama also host ‘Vegan Tuesdays’ offering a burrito or burrito bowl with a vegan filling and a drink for under £7!
Vegan tuesdays edinburgh, taco mazama

Lunch is a big thing at Taco Mazama offering and upgrade of tortilla chips and a drink for a mere 50p!
Lunch deal, taco mazama, edinburgh vegan foosd, scotland

What we ate

Behold, the preparation of the Veg Haggis burrito served with rice, spice and all things nice (and plant based).
Vegan burrito, Taco mazama, Edinburgh, scotland
Big juicy wraps of goodness, perfect for the vegan junk food addict. Avocado was given for free, meat eaters have to pay 70p, which is amazing news for all vegan avo addicts!
Vegan haggis burrito prep, taco mazama, edinburgh, vegan eats
Grab a side dose of the infamous Vegan Mac N Cheese too, Taco Mazama add a little extra flavor which gives it a memorable mild spice.
veg haggis burrito, man n cheese, edinburgh taco mazama
This was literally eaten in 90 seconds.
Vegan haggis burrito, taco mazama, edinburgh, scotland
If you happen to be in Scotland during it’s two days of summer, enjoy a slush, which are all completely vegan and come in a variety of flavors.
Slush drinks, vegan food, taco mazama, edinburgh, scotland

Round the World Magazine Rating

Taco Mazama is one of our favorite eateries in the City of Edinburgh. The modest and laid back ambiance, along with the friendly staff and delicious hearty food made our time here an experience we will never forget.
Taco Mazama is more than worthy of our top Round The World Magazine 6 star rating!Round the world magazine rating reviews vegan eats

Thank you for an amazing experience, we’ll definitely be back for more when we return to the heart of Scotland’s capital.

Visit the official website here for more information.

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