Vegan Eats: Black Cat Cafe, London

The Best Vegan Food in London: Black Cat Cafe

As is the case with any metropolis in the world, London provides a sea of possibilities for every need under the sun. That’s exactly what people expect of such a vast, multicultural city – a place for everything and everyone. So don’t despair if you’re looking for vegan food in London, because you won’t go hungry tonight (or any of the nights for that matter).
vegan food in london
While there is quite a decent number of restaurants that remain mindful of their vegan customers, few of them can match Black Cat Cafe’s ratio of quality to price.
It was a difficult task narrowing down to just one many great places, regardless of whether you’re looking for a breakfast or the best vegan brunch in London.

However, we found that co-op Black Cat Cafe easily deserves a review of its own, so without further ado, here’s what you can get!

Black Cat Cafe Location

Set in a beautiful part of London surrounded by large parks on all sides, Black Cat Cafe’s neat location on 76A Clarence Road, Hackney, attracts many visitors.
black cat cafe vegan food in london
Don’t worry about this black cat crossing your path, because you’ll be intentionally looking for it yourself!

Black Cat Cafe Menu

For a restaurant with quite reasonable prices, Black Cat Cafe also offers a wide array of dishes with so many things on there that you’ll have real trouble deciding. You can get any meal you like, at the respective time of day. So, let’s dig in!

BBQ Tofu Sandwich

This amazing treat comes with excellent sauce, bay leaves and even some high-quality chillies. Tofu is slowly baked and marinated to create the best possible taste. It also comes with pickled onions
If you’re into tofu but would prefer to have the smoked version with chunky chips or salads, it won’t cost you more than £8. It’s one of the best things you can try here.

Beef Style Burger

Expect to be more than satisfied after savouring this delicious, hefty meal. Not only is it going to keep you nourished for a long time, but it’s also divine tasting. Credits for that go to their homemade bun, seitan, soya mince and some fresh vegetables. It provides a welcome alternative to the staple smoked tofu, but it’s best to have it combined with a fresh, healthy salad. This is one of the reasons why Black Cat Cafe offers a wide range of salads to soothe a hungry stomach:

  • Lentil – it has cumin and roasted carrots in it.
  • Potato salad – with the addition of mustard, peas and mayo.
  • Mexican bean salad – this one is a real treat. Chipotle and paprika combine to create a spicy cacophony of tastes that fully complement any meal really.
  • Carrot – this is exactly what you would expect, with the addition of toasted sunflower seed.
  • Quinoa – nori, coriander and pickled vegetables coalesce into this incredible salad that even non-vegan customers tend to fall in love with.

A beef style burger and a salad usually cost about £8.50 which is quite a low price compared to how stuffed you get after you’re done with it.

Seitan Steak Sandwich

An absolute must if you plan on visiting Black Cat Cafe. Beefy seitan is grilled and then combined with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. These saliva-inducing ingredients are then covered in chimichurri sauce for maximum enjoyment. Of course, this is just one of several equally savoury sandwiches, such as Black Cat deli sandwich and Chickpea tuna. Sandwiches are around £6.50, and also a bargain.

Honourable Mentions

It would be very difficult to list all of Black Cat’s vegan delicacies, so we’ve picked out some fan-favourites. However, you’d be amiss if you hadn’t tried their Moussaka, Burrito, Chickpea patties or any of their special salads and soups.
Alcohol is not served, so you’ll have to douse the thirst with a milkshake, a lemonade or have a cup of coffee. They also have brilliant tea, which doesn’t come as a surprise. The price of drinks usually ranges from £1.90 to £2.50.

All in all, it’s a must-have vegan experience in London, and we do hope you enjoy it!

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